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OpTic India's "forsaken"caught cheating at exTREMESLAND Asia Finals

The team has since been disqualified from the tournament.

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UPDATE: 19/08/18

OpTic Gaming has released its OpTic India roster.

A statement posted via OpTic India's Twitter account explains it's "releasing the remaining roster to pursue new opportunities with other competitive options."

When contacted by, OpTic chief Jesal Parekh denied that the rest of the team had any knowledge of Kumawat's actions.

Original Story: 19/08/18

OpTic India’s Nikhil “forsaken” Kumawat has been caught using cheating software during the eXTREMESLAND Asia Finals.

OpTic India were one map up against Revolution in their second match of the tournament, when a lengthy pause brought the match to a standstill. Officials later announced that Kumawat was using aim-locking software during the match, and ruled Revolution as the winners.

According to CSGO2ASIA, OpTic India has been “dismissed from the tournament immediately” and Kumawat “will be sent home on the next flight”.

Those from CSGO2ASIA who were on the scene at the time explained that the “B5 platform anti-cheat” was triggered in-game after it was alerted by suspicious activity. This then prompted admins to examine his PC, and it wasn’t long before they discovered a suspicious program running in the background. Kumawat quickly closed and deleted it before the admins could pursue the matter further.

Although the admins recovered the file later, they still couldn’t get the software working. After visual observations and on the basis of the anti-cheat software being triggered, they disqualified OpTic India.

Turns out this isn’t the first time Kumawat’s play has roused suspicion before. Esports consultant Rod Breslau’s thread shows a clip from 2017 in which OpTic India are facing off against Tyloo in a friendly practice match. Tyloo’s “BnTeT” says that he and other players knew from one particular moment that he was cheating.

Watch the footage closely and it shows Kumawat briefly lock onto a player he can’t even see and rattle off some shots before going down.

Both Kumawat and OpTic India are yet to comment on the matter.

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