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ESL Pro League Finals 2018 - Day 1 roundup

An overview of the opening day's results.

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The CS:GO ESL Pro League Season 8 Finals is now in full swing, and it’s already producing some great matches, many of which feature sterling individual performances too.

As we're currently at the group stages, there are a whole host of matches taking place and it can be difficult to keep track of all the results.

Not everyone has the time to watch several hours of CS:GO on the trot, so we’ve broken down all the results from the first day of the finals and provided a quick explanation of how the group stages work.

Results: 4th Dec - 5th Dec

The group stage format features 16 teams, split into two groups of 8. Over the course of 3 days, these two groups will fight it out in a double elimination format, with each match featuring best of one opening games.

As the group stage draws to a close, the format will transition to best of three matches, with the top three teams from both groups advancing to the playoffs.

Here’s a snapshot of the results from the day 1:

5th December

  • Ghost 2-0 Order
  • Sharks 2-0 North

4th December

  • G2 2-1 INTZ
  • Liquid 2-0 BIG
  • HellRaisers 1-2 Astralis
  • Renegades 2-0 ViCi
  • Natus Vincere 16-14 Order
  • Ghost 5-16 mousesports
  • NRG 16-13 North
  • MIBR 16-2 Sharks
  • INTZ 10-16 BIG
  • Liquid 16-8 G2
  • Astralis 16-8 ViCi
  • Renegades 5-16 HellRaisers

The group stages will continue for another couple of days, before transitioning into the knockout stages on the 7th December, followed by the finals on the 9th.

In the meantime, we'll be posting regular roundups of the results throughout this week. Stay tuned for more updates!

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