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Community maps receive updates in latest CS:GO patch

Four favourites have been tweaked.

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Valve’s been rattling off CS:GO updates at a surprisingly rapid rate lately, and in the latest patch it’s made a few tweaks to many of the game’s community maps.

Vertigo, Blacksite, Biome and Abbey have all been tinkered with in various ways to make them play a little better.

The CS:GO devs announced the news via an official blog post, and we've rounded up all the key details for you just below:


  • Gameplay updates to bombsite A
  • Updated art
  • Enabled bombsite A in Wingman


  • Added commemorative graffiti for Katowice Showmatch


  • Reverted the following January update changes:
  • Reopened connector between between A main and A long.
  • Reopened mid lower entry.


  • Added half body cover on B bombsite
  • Moved B long closer to bombsite
  • Reworked exit from underpass to B bombsite
  • Removed walls from B long entry to bombsite
  • Extended B bombsite allowing terrorists to plant the bomb behind crates
  • Opened ivy roof on B bombsite allowing grenades being thrown from underpass
  • Added glow sticks in gate house for better visibility
  • Added small crate on A bombsite to allow CTs to hold barn from behind half body cover
  • Removed wooden fences outside A bombsite
  • Added visuals for drop from upper CT spawn to sewer
  • Added clipping to prevent weapons being thrown outside of CT spawn
  • Reworked library
  • Fixed clipping in some places

In other CS:GO update news, Valve recently released a patch which can reportedly reduce CPU usage by up to 40%, as well as introducing a few other changes to map voting and communication options.

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