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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare reveals Minotaur, a new operator

It's a Spetsnatz-ty business.

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In a report from Charlie Intel, the newest of Modern Warfare’s unique operators has been revealed. Minotaur is a member of Spetsnaz, a group of highly-skilled counter-terrorists affiliated with the Russian army. Aside from this and his Russian heritage, this is all we know about the Drago-like warrior.

Operators are the characters you’re able to play as, each of whom have their own backstory, voice lines, and customisation options. Unlike the Specialist characters from Black Ops 4, who many players complained were irritating to play against and hard to counter, Operators won’t have the same unique abilities as their Black Ops counterparts. Rather, it appears that the differences between Operators are simply cosmetic, allowing you to make the slickest Minotaur on the battlefield.

Call of Duty fans will be able to try Minotaur out if they have Early Access for the Modern Warfare beta. If you’ve preordered, the beta will be available exclusively on PS4 from 6pm BST tonight (1pm EDT, 10am PDT). Access on other platforms begins on Thursday 19th September. Full details of the beta schedule have been reported by our friends over at Eurogamer.

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