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Call of Duty: Mobile Weapons Tier List - Best Guns in COD: Mobile

Get yourself kitted out with our COD: Mobile guns tier list.

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Here’s our constantly-evolving tier list of all the guns available in Call of Duty: Mobile.

We’ve been having a great time playing with a whole lot of classic guns and weapons from the Call of Duty series, with Call of Duty: Mobile drawing inspiration and content from both the Modern Warfare and Black Ops games.

You have access to Assault Rifles, Snipers, LMGs and Shotguns just like in the COD games we all know, and the attachments you can strategically shove onto your weapons come from those series too.

For more Call of Duty: Mobile guides, check out our guide hub, where we’re constantly updating information on weapons, maps and more!

Primary Weapons

Our tier list is based on the early state of the game’s release. Of course, once a metagame begins to develop, we’ll keep this page updated with more information on the state of the weapons in COD: Mobile.

For now, we’re ranking weapons based on their base forms available from leveling up, although you are able to purchase upgraded versions in the store for tokens or COD Points that have special abilities. You’re also able to gain these weapons through the Battle Pass and from Crates.

Call of Duty: Mobile Assault Rifle Tier List

A staple for any soldier in the thick of battle, Assault Rifles will be your bread and butter. Combining range and damage output with speed and maneuverability, Call of Duty: Mobile has brought back these old favourites. We’ve ranked them so you can better judge which one to put time and levels into once you’ve unlocked them!

Of course, none of these guns are completely unviable, and once more people have had time to play with them we’ll be able to understand a bit more about them.

1AK-47This staple of the series packs one hell of a punch. You’ll have to get to level 23 to unlock it, and its recoil is rather nasty, but it’s absolutely worth getting the practice in. The highest damage AR with a decent range and fire rate to boot, the only downside is the struggle it takes to land a series of shots. Use short, controlled bursts and you’ll do fine.
M16You’ll receive the M16 with the Evil Clown skin at level 46, and it comes with a bonus by default. Your movement speed is increased when you respawn, making this perfect for Team Deathmatch and the like, where you’ll likely by dying a whole lot. It packs a punch - almost as much as the AK-47 - and compensates for its slightly lower range and fire rate with much better accuracy. If you struggle with recoil on the AK-47, this is the gun for you.
2BK57Much like the M16, the BK57 automatically comes with a movement speed upgrade upon unlock at level 115. Its damage is underwhelming, at 48, but is made up for by a high rate of fire as well as decent accuracy and range. It basically functions as a better version of the M4.
Type 25A middle-of-the-road sort of gun, the Type 25 deals solid damage, at 55, but struggles to slightly when it comes to accuracy. That extra 5 damage does very well at closer ranges though, and the fast rate of fire means you’ll be shredding enemies down if you can keep the spray under control.
3M4As the M4 is the first gun you unlock, you’ll probably know by now what you’re getting. High accuracy and fairly low damage makes this a decent fallback option, and on mobile the importance of accuracy can’t be overstated. Whack a red dot sight on this and keep it trained on your opponents while you shoot. You can go fully automatic rather than controlled bursts with this one, often making your overall damage output higher than players with guns that pack more of a punch. Still though, there are better choices if you’re looking for something to rack up kills with.
AK117Not to be confused with the AK47, this gun attempts to make up for its lack of damage with a higher fire rate and accuracy. It’s not horrendous, but the range is far too low at 45, meaning it’s a pick for small maps like Nuketown and Killhouse but not much else. This gun ranks below the M4 thanks to its drastically higher recoil, meaning despite its slightly higher damage output is unlikely to serve you as well, and if you’re looking for higher damage, look elsewhere.
ASM10We love a high damage gun. Unfortunately, the ASM10 tries to do what the AK47 does, but does it worse. Lower damage, range and mobility in exchange for a tiny bit less recoil just isn’t going to cut it, especially when it’s unlocked way after the AK at level 138. Unfortunately, there aren’t many reasons to get excited for the unlock of this weapon, although it does look rather nice.
4LK24It’s not worth the wait to Level 74 when it does almost the same job as the M4. You’ll probably have the M4 pretty heavily upgraded by the time you unlock the LK24 too, making it somewhat pointless investing time into it. Low damage and very little utility, the LK24 sits at the bottom of our tier list.

Call of Duty: Mobile Sniper Rifle Tier List

The high-skill pick for many, we’ve all got horrible/fantastic memories of getting quickscoped by those epic sniping clans on Rust. COD: Mobile has brought Snipers to the small screen now, meaning you can bring the dream of joining FaZe to your phone.

We’ve put together our current standing for COD: Mobile’s snipers. We’ll be tweaking this list as the meta develops, so keep an eye out for big shifts.

1M21 EBRAt the sacrifice of the raw damage some of this gun’s fellow snipers hold, the M21 EBR allows for a decent bit of skillful shooting, killing with headshots, but its slightly higher fire rate allows for extra shots to be taken if you miss the big ones. Add the Tactical Scope for faster usage and you’ll have a grand time with this, even as a less-skilled player.
2DL Q33Fans of previous COD games will immediately recognise this rifle’s iconic design and sound as the Intervention. In COD: Mobile, the gun fills a similar role, rewarding you for highly-skilled shooting. Unfortunately, mobile controls make it tough to handle, and the gun’s bolt-action (extremely slow) fire rate means missing a shot is highly likely to be punished. However, if you can reliably land those hits, the DL Q33 will pay dividends, so get used to the controls to score one-hit kills on any shot from the chest up. You can also no-scope at close range fairly reliably if you get snuck up on.
Arctic .50The Arctic .50 won’t be in your arsenal for a while, unlocking at level 67, but it’s worth giving a try. With a fire rate and mobility slightly faster than the DL Q33, but damage slightly lower, this rifle is best used for running-and-gunning, moving you around slightly faster and letting you get to the sniping positions you’re after more easily. Whack on the Tactical Scope and you’re good to go.
3XPR-50Get to level 88 and this bad boy is waiting. Slightly faster at firing than the next fastest sniper, the M21 EBR, you’re trading off a bit of range and accuracy for it. The loss of accuracy combined with the increased fire rate is a bigger problem than you might expect, making it far more difficult to land those second and third shots after the initial one doesn’t kill. The advantage is that the version of the XPR-50 unlocked by default does have an added bonus. Weapon kills have a chance to add a bullet into the gun’s magazine, but that perk is only useful in extremely niche situations to the extent that you probably wouldn’t notice if it was gone.

Call of Duty: Mobile Light Machine Gun Tier List

Big magazines, big recoil and big reload times, LMGs will serve you best in the mid-range. You’ll struggle to maintain a run-and-gun playstyle, but if you know your angles and where to be, LMGs can bring you a lot of flexibility and success. Here’s our rankings for the game’s Light Machine Guns.

1UL 736High damage, long range. This LMG will serve you well once you’ve managed to level up enough. This gun functions similarly to the AK-47 albeit slightly less mobile and with a larger magazine. You’ll be able to shred through armies of foes without flinching with this machine.
2S36This thing is brutal at close range. A whopping 75 damage and 75 rate of fire means you can unload ludicrous damage on your foes. Be warned though - the 35 accuracy means that you’ll really struggle to control the S36’s recoil, so keep it for smaller maps only.
RPDThe first LMG you unlock and the only one you’ll have access to for some time, the RPD does what you expect it to do. Decent in long, drawn-out firefights, this gun’s solid damage and range make it a good choice for maps with slightly more open space, such as Crossfire.
3M4LMGThere’s always going to be a runt of the litter, and the M4LMG just doesn’t do anything spectacularly. Average for its class in damage, fire rate and mobility, it is the most accurate of the LMGs by a fair margin. If you’re struggling with the recoil on the other guns, this one is worth a try.

Call of Duty: Mobile Submachine Guns Tier List

Get up close and personal with these ones. Whilst they won’t deal damage at long-range, Call of Duty: Mobile’s SMGs will give you high rates of fire and speed, perfect for close-quarters combat. Here’s our tier list of the best Submachine Guns.

1AKS-74UA great all-rounder with excellent damage output, the AKS-74U will keep you safe in close-quarters combat with its enormous 80 damage and 60 fire rate. You’ll be able to barge into occupied rooms and spray your way to victory with the AKS-74U, just make sure you don’t try to shoot too far with it.
ChicomThe Chicom comes with a bonus perk, being that weapon kills increase the gun’s reload speed. Even without this though, the Chicom is a great pick. Slightly less damage than the AKS-74U, but balances this out with slightly more accuracy, mobility, fire rate and range. It’s a good reward for getting to level 130, and worth putting some time into if you’re not convinced by the AKS’ raw damage.
2PDW-57Speaking of damage, this thing absolutely destroys at close ranges. Round a corner in a cramped Nuketown house with one of these and your foes don’t stand much of a chance. The reason it’s down slightly in this list is that its utility doesn’t go much past that. Its range is pitiful, meaning you’ll barely manage to hit foes from across the Firing Range, and its poor accuracy means you’ll probably not hit many shots at range anyway. The damage saves it though, and on maps with a lot of close quarters action you’ll be glad you chose it.
HG 40A solid choice for SMG users who want a bit more Assault Rifle-like functionality, the HG 40 sacrifices some of its stopping power for range. Unfortunately, it also loses out on fire rate. A decent amount of accuracy means you’ll find it easy to hit all of your shots, but there’s usually a better choice for most situations.
3MSMCThe MSMC has the highest rate of fire out of all the SMGs. unfortunately, it’s worse at a whole lot more. Short range, bad accuracy and middling damage for an SMG makes this gun extremely situational, and whilst it does excel at close range, you’re likely to find more success elsewhere.

Call of Duty: Mobile Shotguns Tier List

Rounding a corner and blasting an unsuspecting enemy with a Shotgun is a gaming experience we all cherish. Classic guns make a comeback, with particularly fond memories of the Model 1887 and its outrageous stopping power from Modern Warfare 2. Here’s our roundup of how useful these beefy weapons are.

Before you go into a game with a shotgun, remember their generally limited usefulness! You’ll find it extremely hard to get a look-in when it comes to larger maps with bigger sight lines, so be careful you don’t give away your position by shooting at a foe who’s a bit far away.

1StrikerThe Striker is a brilliant balance of the best attributes from the whole shotgun roster. Don’t let its damage of 70 fool you, this thing kills in one shot if you’re at close range, and also allows for a follow-up shot thanks to its decent fire rate. Aiming down the sights, this gun has a surprisingly solid range too, but don’t get greedy. It’s still a shotgun.
2BY15Pump action shotguns are cool as hell. Thankfully, this one does a good job outside of that, offering solid damage at close ranges and a decent chance of getting a second shot off before getting gunned down.
HS0405It’s the Model 1887 but with a different name. Everything about it is good - the one-shot potential and solid movement speed while wielding it mean you’ll be able to blast close range enemies away swiftly. Unfortunately, you’ll really need to rely on that one-shot potential, as the HS0405 takes an age between shots. If you don’t kill with the first one, you’ll get killed by whatever the enemy has.
3HS2126This is the fastest fire rate shotgun in the class, meaning it’ll stack up damage on foes pretty quickly. Unfortunately, in order to deal any damage you’ll need to be within knifing distance, as the HS2126 has a tiny range. It does come with the perk that weapon kills increase your movement speed, offering the potential for some wild sprinting killstreaks, but in practice this’ll be way harder than you think.

Secondary Weapons


Not the most exciting choices, but useful in their own ways, the Handgun returns. The .44 Magnum had a whole lot of range back in Modern Warfare 2, and hopefully it remains a powerhouse in the mobile version too.

  • J358 (Formerly known as the .44 Magnum)
  • MW11 (Formerly known as the Colt M1911)


A couple of these explosive behemoths can change a game in either team’s favour. Look out for Launchers towards the end of Battle Royale matches - your enemy won’t know what to expect when they’re hunkered down and hiding.

  • FHJ-18 AA
  • SMRS (Formerly known as the AT4)

Melee Weapons

These last resorts could well save you in a pinch, particularly with hordes of Zombies charging you down.

  • Knife
  • Military Axe
  • Military Shovel

Call of Duty: Mobile Equipment

From scopes to grenades, your kit stretches far from just guns. Smart choices and use of equipment can change games completely too, so keep the gear you’re carrying in mind when you traverse the maps of Call of Duty: Mobile. Weapon attachments can change your whole playstyle, whilst explosives can steal kills when they don’t seem possible. Here’s all the equipment that made the jump to the small screen!


Scopes will help you significantly in COD: Mobile. Often, a gun’s iron sights won’t be aligned properly, or they’ll cause a bit of obstruction in your sightline making it harder to be aware of your surroundings. The usual suspects from the Call of Duty series are here.

  • Red Dot Sight
  • Holographic Sight
  • Tactical Scope / Dual Zoom


Various gun attachments are present from all across the series, from the self-explanatory Extended Mag to the accuracy-improving Foregrip.

  • Stock
  • Laser Sight
  • Quickdraw
  • FMJ
  • Silencer
  • Foregrip
  • Fast Mag
  • Extended Mag
  • Long Barrel

Call of Duty: Mobile Grenades

Looking to protect yourself? Or deal some damage? A whole lot of grenades and tactical gear has made it into COD: Mobile. Whether you’re flushing enemies out or stunning them before a rush, you’ll want to choose carefully.

  • Grenade (Fragmentation)
  • Semtex
  • Trip Mine
  • Concussion
  • Flashbang
  • Smoke Grenade
  • EMP
  • Trophy System

Keep an eye out for our guides on what guns to choose and the best loadouts to aim for! We’ll be updating this page regularly once the game is out. In the meantime, have a look at our COD: Mobile Battle Royale page as well as checking out the variety of weapons and equipment that made it into the game.

We've got all our guides over at our Call of Duty: Mobile guide hub to make things easier for you too!

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