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Modern Warfare Error Code 656448 - How to fix

Troubleshooting your online profile.

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Modern Warfare players have to deal with bugs on occasion - here’s what Error Code 656448 means and what to do about it.

How do you fix Error Code 656448?

The issue began back in Modern Warfare’s beta stage, and when it came to the fore, players on PC were told to update their graphics card. However, console players aren’t so lucky with this one. If the problem persists, some have reported a full deleting of the game’s data solving it, but beware - you’ll lose all progress you haven’t backed up in your data. This is a last resort if waiting it out hasn’t worked.

Users on Reddit have reported the problem going away after some time, if you don’t want to go through all the hassle of updating and deleting data. Restarting your game, or device, has been reported to work, although if the issue persists you might need to do this several times over. When restarting, completely remove your console’s power supply, and keep it removed for half a minute. When you plug back in, you’ll hopefully be allowed back into the game.

Another potential cause for the issue is a faulty internet connection. Make sure your router is plugged in and functioning properly on other applications, as if your service isn’t fully functional you might not be able to get online on Modern Warfare.

What is Error Code 656448?

This issue has been reported numerous times by players as a problem with fetching the user’s online profile. You'll be stuck on a loading screen for a bit, then be given the error message with code 656448.

Let us know if you’re having this issue in the comments, and whether or not you’ve been able to fix it! Once you’re back online, check out our Modern Warfare best guns page for tips on your loadout, as well as our tips on growing your Tomogunchi virtual pet.

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