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How to unlock the 4/20 weed emblem, gun, skin, truck, and calling card in Call of Duty: Warzone

Light 'Em Up!

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4/20 blaze your enemies - Warzone has special weed guns, charms, stickers, vehicles, calling cards, and emblems to unlock with its 'Blunt Force' packs.

Warzone and Modern Warfare's development team love weed. They really love it. Aren't they cool? Here's how you can prove your dankness in the Warzone.

How to get the Blunt Force II weed cosmetics on Warzone and Modern Warfare

There's now a second Blunt Force pack: Blunt Force II - Light 'em up! It's a pricier one at 2400 COD points, but that's cheaper than what it's based on. Here's what's available in the Blunt Force II pack:

  • 'Humboldt' - a ghillie suit for Golem with weed leaves all over it.
  • 'Chronic' - a Rytec AMR with weed leaves all over it. It also dismembers your enemies when you kill them with huge weed leaves exploding off their noggin. We love realism.
  • 'Sublime' - It's a watch with a leaf on it. Smoke weed everyday.
  • 'Doobie' - An SUV skin with a huge garish assortment of bright green weed leaves.
  • 'High Rider' - Weed truck. Smoking skeleton.
  • 'High Ground' - It's a sticker. Guess what it depicts (it's weed leaves).
  • 'Up In Smoke' - Smoking skeleton sticker. Love that.
  • 'In The Weeds' - Skeleton calling card, but this time it's not smoking. It's grinning at you surrounded by weed leaves.
  • 'The Dankness' - Smiling leaf charm, with the word 'dankness' underneath it. Absolutely amazing stuff

The original 'Blunt Force' pack is unfortunately no longer available, but here's what's in it if it returns:

  • 'The Smoke Show' - a P90 weapon blueprint with suppressors, a 5mW laser and some horrendously garish weed leaf designs.
  • 'Pot Head' - a weapon charm that's literally just a Wallace and Gromit looking face with a pot on top of it. Very clever, ha ha.
  • 'Blunt Silk Wrap' - a sticker that looks how it sounds.
  • 'Affrodisiac' - an animated calling card boasting a woman smoking an unknown substance.
  • 'Smoking Buddy' - an animated emblem of a fun lookin' weed leaf, walking around and blowing rings.

How exciting.

Here's how to get your hands on the Blunt Force packs - unfortunately it doesn't come free:

Step 1 - navigate to the 'Store' tab of the client. Press your controller's shoulder buttons to get there.

Step 2 - select the 'Blunt Force' pack. It'll be under the 'Featured' section for a while yet.

Step 3 - purchase the pack with COD Points. The initial pack costs 1100 COD Points, which is equivalent to £8.49, whilst Blunt Force II costs 2400 COD Points. A missed opportunity, if we're honest.

There you go! You're now a bona-fide celebrator of 4/20, as shown by your mountain of weed-based memorabilia.

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