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How to slide cancel in Modern Warfare and Warzone

Move much faster with this neat little trick.

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Slide cancelling in Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare allows you to chain tactical sprints together to move much faster than sprinting normally. In this guide we’ll explain how to slide cancel.

There’s a surprising amount of depth to Warzone’s movement, and one of the absolute must-learns is slide cancelling. It’s exactly how it sounds, literally cancelling your slide after a tactical sprint so you can immediately use it again, and again, and again.

Below we’ll explain how to go about it, both on PC and Console.

How to slide cancel in Modern Warfare and Warzone

Right, here’s how to get slide cancel.

How to slide cancel on PC

First things first, make sure you get rid of [LEFT CTRL] from ‘Crouch/Slide’ and rebind it onto ‘Change Stance/Slide’ instead. This means you can now hold [LEFT CTRL] when stationary to go prone, rather than having to press [C].

However, it’s main advantage is now your ability to slide cancel. If you don’t rebind this, the button combination you need to pull off will result in your character jumping at the end of the sequence. Rebind, and there’s no jump, just a smooth transition into a sprint.

To slide cancel double tap [LEFT SHIFT] to tactical sprint, hold [LEFT CTRL] to slide, immediately after sliding tap [LEFT CTRL] to crouch, then immediately after press [SPACE BAR] to return to a stationary position, then double tap [LS] to tactical sprint again - repeat the process.

This sounds quite complex, but practice it in a private lobby and it’ll become muscle memory soon enough.

How to slide cancel on Consoles

To slide cancel on consoles double tap [LS] to tactical sprint, hold [CIRCLE/B] to slide, immediately after sliding tap [CIRCLE/B] to crouch, then quickly tap [X/A] to return to a stationary position, then double tap [LS] to tactical sprint again - repeat this process.

If it's still not quite making sense, we don't blame you. Below we've linked a video by Dark Link which goes through the process. It's the only video we could find which actually shows you how to slide cancel in Call of Duty Modern Warfare without taking over ten minutes, and doing so correctly. So many guides out there state you should crouch, crouch, jump - it's technically not as simple as this, as we've explained above.

Remember: tactical sprint, slide-crouch-jump, tactical sprint.

For more helpful tips our best Warzone sensitivity settings and DPI page has you covered.

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