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How to combine blueprint camos on Modern Warfare and Warzone

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You can now combine blueprint camos on Modern Warfare and Warzone. Here's how to do that in the Gunsmith.

Blueprints are unique designs to weapons you can unlock by various means. We've got much more information in our Modern Warfare Blueprints guide, so check that out for more info on unlocking and equipping blueprints.

Now though, you can combine the unique bits of a weapon blueprint to create a Frankenstein's Monster of a gun. Here's our guide on how.

How to combine blueprint camos on Modern Warfare and Warzone

It's pretty easy to combine blueprint camos - just follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Create a loadout. Head into the 'edit loadout' section of the Weapons menu.
  • Step 2: Find a gun you've got blueprints for. You can tell how many blueprints you have by looking at the number to the right of each weapon. For example, there's a 4 next to the MP5, meaning we've got 4 unique blueprints for the MP5.
  • Step 3: Head into the gunsmith. Each blueprint has certain attachments with a special design to them, so scroll through what you have unlocked and see what unique combinations there are.
  • Step 4: Select your unique blueprint camos. For example, below we've put the Classic Straight Line Stock from our The Cover Up blueprint, the Integral Hyrbid optic and Opeator Foregrip from Sand Snake, the 45 Round Mag from Rampage, and the FSS Mini Barrel from Flood. This is an absolute mess and makes our gun look ridiculous, so check your own Armory and see what monstrosities you can come up with!

That's all you need to know for combining blueprints in Modern Warfare and Warzone! For more help and info, check out our guide on the best Warzone loadouts, as well as tips on unlocking the Warzone bunkers.

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