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Everything we know about Warzone Season 5 - Release date, nuke, train, stadium and more

All the new content coming to Warzone Season 5.

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Warzone Season 5 is almost upon us, and with it we expect a whole lot of new stuff, including a train, changes to Stadium, new weapons, and a new Battle Pass. Here's a rundown on everything you need.

Everything we know about Warzone Season 5 - Release date, nuke, train, stadium and more


Use this list to navigate through Warzone Season 5's new stuff.

When does Warzone Season 5 Release?

Season 5 of Warzone releases on August 5th 2020 at around 7am BST (2am ET, 11pm August 4th PST).

This will come with all kinds of new stuff, including a Battle Pass, changes to the map, new guns, and new Operators.

Here's the latest trailer for Warzone Season 5:


Warzone leaker ModernWarzone reports that there’s a PS4 preload for Season 5 content. This has seemingly been confirmed by members of the community in the comments, as well as other notable leakers.

The update is roughly 36gb and is only available to install on the day of release which further indicates this is indeed related to Season 5, not just another server maintenance or playlist tweak.

At the time of writing, the update appears to be rolling out across the US and isn’t available in the EU just yet. We expect this to change as time goes by. Of course, we imagine this preload will hit Xbox and PC soon too.

What are the Map changes for Warzone Season 5?

Confirmed Changes

We’ll keep this short and sweet.

There’s definitely a loot train arriving. The Stadium’s absolutely opening. Finally, the Train Station seems to have opened up a bit too.

- The loot train will circle the map and destroy anything it comes into contact with. We’re assuming there will be some very strong guns and supplies on board, but getting to them isn’t going to be easy when everyone else has the same idea.

- When it comes to Stadium, the roof’s getting blown off and it looks like there will be a mixture of tents, boxes and the like in the centre. Expect this to be a very, very spicy drop.

- Train Station is also opening up properly which should make it more of a significant location, rather than just “let’s get to the roof”.

In terms of small tweaks, there are now rappel points to the top of some skyscrapers in Downtown as well as Prison.

Original Teasers Below

It looks like we're in for a big overhaul of the Warzone map. From various streamers' previews, we've seen what some of these changes - here's what to expect:


It looks like the nuke is going to be going off this season, as teased in the bunker-related easter eggs throughout Season 4. Streamer TylerTeeP was given a video of some goings-on in Season 5, and it looks pretty clear - some kind of explosion is going to happen, and it'll cause some pretty widespread destruction across the map.

Whether this is a nuke or not remains to be seen, but regardless, it'll cause some lasting damage.


It looks like we'll get a train in Season 5 too - probably circling the map and holding all kinds of high-value loot. NickMercs was also given a preview by Activision, and it showed a helicopter flying past a stationary train.

The train tracks around the map aren't particularly useful at the moment, so it'll be interesting to see whether more will be done with them.

Open Stadium?

From leaked previews, it looks like the Stadium area of the map might be opening for business, rather than just being a camping spot for snipers with choppers. Of course, nothing is confirmed but it'd be a nice change for the Warzone map and make Stadium an actual point of interest rather than just a hellscape shooting gallery.

Warzone Season 5 - new guns

As in previous seasons, we expect to see two new weapons come to Warzone. These are often pretty powerful (the Mk9 Bruen, Grau 5.56 and Fennec being some particularly strong recent additions.

It's now been confirmed that we'll be seeing a couple new weapons in Season 5. In the Season 5 Trailer, the new operators are seen wielding the SPC9 Submachine Gun, as well as the AN-94 Assault Rifle. We'll be keeping you updated on how well these weapons perform in the Warzone, but they'll be free to unlock by grinding up the free Battle Pass tiers in Season 5.

There's even been some leaked footage of these guns being fired - hopefully they're meta-shifters!

The Intervention and R900 Sniper Rifles from the Modern Warfare series are known to be nestled in the game files, but it looks like we'll have to wait a bit longer for that.

Warzone Season 5 - new Operators

The new operators have been revealed too - and they're all from Shadow Company.

Whilst this does mean our favourite character in Call of Duty history, Rook, isn't going to make it in just yet, the new squad does boast some cool designs.

In Modern Warfare 2, Shadow Company was run by General Shepherd, a horrible piece of work who shoots Ghost in the face. You could describe him as something of a Ghostface Killah. He's not shown as one of the operators though. Instead, we're getting three serious folks getting ready to do war crimes in the name of 'getting the job done'.

On the left there, we have Rozlin 'Roze' Helms. Formerly a member of the Jackals, she remains friendly with Mace from her old faction as she drops in to act decisively and directly outside of the Armistice.

On the right, you can see Velikan. He's a bit of an unknown quantity, a soldier who wears full armour and a mask. How exciting. To be fair, his mask is pretty vibes and there's potential for some cool skins for the operator.

In the middle is the leader of the bunch. Marcus 'Lerch' Ortega is a former member of the US Marine Corps and decided he wanted to keep killing people for a living. When Shadow Company came across his history, he was apparently deemed perfect for the role of leader with his 'moral flexibility', which is very reassuring indeed. He's also an absolute unit, good lord, this man is massive.

Warzone Season 5 Battle Pass

The Battle Pass for Warzone Season 5 will begin on launch day. You'll be able to pay 1600 COD Points to unlock access to it, or alternatively shell out 2400 COD Points for a 25 tier headstart.

As usual, the paid Battle Pass will offer cosmetics, weapon blueprints, COD Points and more. You don't have to pay for the weapon unlocks though - they're free tiers on the Battle Pass.

Multiplayer-exclusive changes

Of course, all the previous stuff is going to be available in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's standard Multiplayer mode, including the guns and Battle Pass. However, we’re also getting some lovely new maps too.

Verdansk Intl. Airport is arriving as a Ground War map, taking place in the Airport area of Warzone’s map. It’s a pretty open space with a few points of cover, so we imagine it’s going to be pretty hectic.

In a similar vein, Livestock is Farmlands from Warzone but in map form. It’s a close quarters, building hopper of a map, so expect plenty of fights across barnyards and in small shacks.

Petrov Oil Rig is vaguely reminiscent of Wetwork, while Suldal Harbor looks to offer some warehouse gunfights. Little is currently known about these two, but we’re eager to stuck in.

Is this the last Season before the new CoD?

A report sent to CoD leaker TheMW2Ghost from a Korean-Canadian Call of Duty Partner suggests Season 5 may be the final Modern Warfare season, before the next Call of Duty swings around that is.

This comes as both a surprise, and well, not much of one. Leaked files suggested a further two seasons, but this would mean Modern Warfare's rendition of Warzone would continue for a little too long considering the next Call of Duty is rumoured to arrive sometime in October. If Season 5 is the final hurrah for Warzone, then we imagine Treyarch will take over from Season 6 and so on.

As soon as we find out more we'll let you know!

That’s all for our Call of Duty: Warzone Season 5 preview! Keep your eyes on Metabomb for all the updates as and when they happen though.

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