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Call of Duty Blackout: Map guide

Our essential guide to managing the massive map in COD: Blackout.

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Our COD: Blackout map guide features locations, zones and landing spots, with tips and tricks for dominating each one to come at launch.

Thanks to the recent COD Blackout beta we've been able to get some serious hands-on time with the meaty map of the game. There are 13 zones in total, each one of which pays tribute to a map from COD games of years gone by.

In our COD: Blackout map guide we've outlined all of those locations for you, and also provided some early insight into what to expect when you wander into each one. At the bottom of the guide you'll find a general overview of what to expect from Blackout's playable area.

We'll be updating this article continuously once the game actually launches, and will have plenty of tips to help you get the upper hand.

COD: Blackout Map Locations

First of all, here's the first look at the map that was provided on Treyarch's social media just before the beta launched. After that you'll find a breakdown of the locations, with finer detail to be added once the game has gone live.

For now we've added in a brief description based on how each zone has historically played in their earlier incarnations as Call of Duty zones. We've yet to see just how faithful these areas remain to their original forms, so don't read too much into them for now!

Array - Massive satellite dishes separated by a few buildings make up Array. The majority of the terrain here is flat although there are some elevated positions in the surrounding area, as well as a sniper tower.

  • We'd recommend running into the buildings for your loot as some of the dishes are very exposed and leave you vulnerable to attack. Especially if you can't return fire because you haven't found a gun!

Asylum - This is a claustrophobic interior zone, with lots of passageways to sneak around in and hiding spots to unleash hell from. Pack a shotgun and be ready for plenty of close-quarters combat is our advice.

Asylum Tips

  • This is one of the main zombie locations on the Blackout map. Keep your eyes peeled for a blue light emanating from the area, as this is the key signal that the undead are afoot.
  • Keep your ears sharp when patrolling the maze to the rear of the property, as you're not going to get much notice before you find yourself in a firefight. Keep suitable close-range weaponry ready as you search through the area.
  • As a zombie hotbed, this is one of those areas that you're most likely to unlock a Mystery Box. Take a look at our Mystery Box guide for more information on how to locate and spawn these loot-stuff items.

Cargo Docks - Expect lots of containers here, which should help you find cover and keep moving as you hoover up your loot.

  • Beeline it into the numerous cargo holders and pray for good loot. You can also use dip in and out of them for cover too.
  • Be careful when boarding the ship as you'll be heavily exposed! If you're packing armour it may be worth a punt as there's a lot of loot to be had.

Construction Site - As the name suggests this is a semi-finished construction zone filled with half-built buildings and lots of cover opportunities.

Construction Site tips

  • Head south from the Construction Site itself and you'll find a collection of houses that often contain a decent amount of armor and consumable items.
  • Rumour has it that there's also a high chance of finding a sniper rifle in this location, which gives you a nice chance to try and pick off anyone who's travelling to or from some of the popular nearby spots.

Estates - If this one plays according to its namesake then you can expect this to provide the ultimate vantage point for scouting out the surrounding areas of the map. Expect a lot of competition when it comes to occupying this zone.

  • If you've spotted a player looting up the main estate itself, we'd recommend skulking around the outside and waiting for them to emerge.
  • You don't necessarily need to land in the centre, there are plenty of little loot spots in the garage, basketball court and so on. Grab what you can, and if you're feeling brave, start pushing your way into the centre and see if can hunt down the competition.
  • Close range weapons excel inside the Estate's tight corridors and rooms, but make sure you're packing a mid-range weapon for skirmishes outside.

Factory - Assuming this zone refers to the Call of Duty 2 map of the same name, you can expect a smaller playable area here.

  • There's a helicopter on the helipad outside, so use this to quickly reposition if you've looted up or need a quick getaway.
  • Make use of all the crates, pipes and other assorted industrial looking bits and bobs. These provide great cover in a firefight.
  • If you've looted up, make use of the verticality in this area. There are a lot of vantage points to take advantage of!

Firing Range - This is likely another area where you'll want to bring close to medium-range weaponry like SMGs, Assault Rifles and shotguns.

  • Get in a building, loot up fast and get ready for a close quarters gun fight. This place is a hive of activity.
  • Be wary of players camping inside buildings and around corners.
  • We'd recommend either staying on the move and trying to clear the area of enemies to gear up fast, or bailing out of the area if you're happy with your loot haul - it's a risky place to be.

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Fracking Tower - Given its proximity to the centre of the map it should come as no surprise to learn that this can be a very busy place. Don't come here if you're expecting a leisurely start to the game, in other words.

Fracking Tower Tips

  • Search all of the cargo containers and buildings here thoroughly, as there's a generous selection of loot to be uncovered for the dilligent forager.
  • There's a tower here which you can use to pick off anyone approaching with a sniper rifle. Just be aware that you yourself are somewhat exposed while up in this location!

Hydro Dam - We're excited to see whether or not the water mechanic will appear here, threatening the survival of any Blackout players caught up in the periodic floods.

Hydro Dam Tips

  • If you travel west from the dam itself you'll eventually come to some drab, blocky office buildings. These can be stuffed to the brim with all kinds of equipment though, so scour them thoroughly.
  • Pick either the dam or these buildings as your starting point - chances are there won't be much left to scrap over once you're done with one of them.

Lighthouse - Head to the very far south of the map and you'll discover a Lighthouse. The main difficulty with landing here is the sheer distance you then have to travel to get back to the action - and potentially out of the circle.

Lighthouse Tips

  • Although you're some way away from the action by landing here, you do get the chance to - hopefully - gear up without facing too much attention.
  • To help you get back to the main game after getting geared up, there's often a vehicle spawn to take advantage of. Head to the end of the walkway to find it.

Nuketown Island - This is based on one of the most iconic maps from the Call of Duty canon: Nuketown. Expect a lot of frenzied activity in this location if you plan to land here.

Nuketown Tips

  • Near the entrance is a sign which indicates how many players are in the area. Keep an eye on this so you don't wander into a particularly feisty encounter unprepared.
  • There is a huge quantity of weapons and armour to be looted from this location, so be prepared to face off against a lot of other players if you choose to gear up in Nuketown.
  • There's an underground bunker here which you can use to prepare an ambush. Just be careful in case someone's had the same idea and got there first...
  • Be wary of the surrounding areas once you've got geared up in Nuketown, as there are plenty of prime sniping points that players may exploit to catch players leaving this very busy area.

Rivertown - A town filled with buildings, a gas station, warehouses and more.

  • Honestly, Rivertown's a great place to kick off your Blackout run as it's filled with buildings to loot.
  • Just make sure you're landing here quickly as you'll want to grab real estate before any others do.
  • Be careful when crossing the bridge, you'll be heavily exposed.

Train Station - This is yet another campaign mission that we'll need to get our hands on for ourselves before providing more information.

  • The train carts are packed full of loot and they're a great way of hiding yourself away if a player's onto your location.
  • Be careful when scouting out the warehouses, there's very little cover.

Turbine - This location has its origins in Call of Duty Black Ops 2. Expect a big open area surrounded by buildings that offer premium sniping opportunities.

  • If you're aiming to loot the big warehouses, then do your utmost to land as close to the entrances as possible.
  • Most cover lies within the warehouses, so expect an influx of players if you're already inside. Loot fast and prepare yourself for a fight.
  • If you've arrived late to the party, be wary of heading inside the warehouses as there will already be geared up players waiting to take you down. Instead, focus on grabbing items in the surrounding area and hope for a lucky pick.

It'll be interesting to see if and how the map will evolve as time goes by. Fortnite's adopted the model of seasonal changes, so we wouldn't be surprised if Blackout goes down the same route. Remember, Call of Duty as a franchise has many, many maps to take inspiration from. Perhaps we'll see some unpopular areas phased out, and new areas based on series map replacing them?

We know that Blackout's shipping with four vehicles to traverse the map, but it'll be interesting to see if there will be any other forms of transport making their way into the game. For now we'll just have to wait and see!

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