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Call of Duty Blackout: Best Perks guide

Everything you need to know about the Perks available in COD Blackout.

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Our COD Blackout Best Perks guide contains a list of all the currently known Perks in the mode, with an overview of how each one works.

While Blackout's doesn't aim for a huge departure from the Battle Royale games we're already familiar with, it does have one or two tricks in its backpack.

COD's not only known for its impeccable gunplay, but also its Perk system which gives your character unique abilities or big buffs all-round. The good news is that you can actually find a number of Perks on Blackout's map, which can act as absolute game-changers when facing stiff opposition.

The developers have previously stated that there will be a total of 21 Perks available in the launch version of COD Blackout. In this article we've outlined all of the Perks we currently know about, with tips for choosing the best ones.

There are a total of 13 perks available in Blackout with another 8 which you can only find in the multiplayer modes. In this article we've outlined all of the perks you'll find while exploring the map in Blackout.

As more perks are added to the game, we'll be sure to update this page with all the details, and if you think we've missed anything, do sign-up and let us know in the comments so we can give our guide a refresh.

How do perks work in Blackout?

You'll find perks like you would guns, armour or ammo - on the floor. They're shaped like dark grey briefcases, but despite being so unassuming, they're incredibly useful items you shouldn't ignore.

Pick one up and it'll go into your inventory slot. Consume a Perk and it'll be activated, giving you a temporary boost to your stats.

It's worth noting tha you can only have six Perks active at any given time, so don't be afraid to use a few in one go if you're anticipating a fight. What's more, certain perks compliment each other nicely, so experiment with combinations to come up with the ultimate concoctions.

Finally, you can't actually stack Perks in your inventory. All the more reason to use them liberally instead of hording them!

COD Blackout Perks List

The following Perks have been confirmed for COD Blackout.

Do bear in mind that every single perk in Black Ops 4 isn't listed here. Instead, you'll find only those found in Blackout.

Awareness - Makes enemy footsteps louder. Duration: 120 seconds. Use: 2 seconds.

This is a very handy Perk that will help you hear incoming enemies from further away, thanks to their noisier footsteps. This should help you either improve your defensive position, or set up for a juicy kill. Knowledge is power in all Battle Royale games, and this one gives you a powerful environmental advantage.

Brawler - Increases melee damage and awards 50 health for each melee attack. Duration 240 seconds. Use: 1 second.

Let's be honest, if you've resorted to hitting people in the face in Blackout then you're probably doing it wrong. This Perk has its most use in the very early stages of the game, where it's possible your opponent isn't packing so much as a pistol. Even so it's hard to imagine a scenario where you would prioritise popping this one.

Consumer - Use time of health and consumable items reduced by 50%. Duration: 300 seconds. Use: 1 second.

This handy little Perk allows you to very quickly restore your health either just after, or in the middle of, an encounter. It's also got an extremely generous duration of effect, which means you can afford to play a little fast and loose when it comes to popping it.

Dead Silence - Move quietly and make less noise opening stashes. Duration: 240 seconds. Use: 1 second.

Anything which lets you both prowl around the map and open stashes without making as much noise is always going to be useful. You will tread extremely quietly while this is active, helping you to get the jump on your next victim.

Engineer - Reveals equipment and nearby vehicles. Duration: 240 seconds. Use: 2 seconds.

While the effect is pretty nice - and extra intel is always very welcome - chances are you'll have visibility on any vehicles that are in the immediate vicinity of you anyway. If you don't see them coming, you'll almost certainly hear them coming. Not one we'd put at the top of our Perks list to be honest.

Iron Lung - Increases steady time using sniper and tactical rifles, as well as underwater breath time. Duration: 300 seconds. Use: 2 seconds.

This is the kind of Perk that's extremely useful if it fits your playstyle, as being able to take steadier shots for longer while sniping grants a real advantage. You have very little room for error when taking your shots with a sniper rifle, so anything that helps you land your shot is good news. We see less utility in the underwater breathing aspect, but there'll be situations where it makes a difference.

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Looter - Highlights nearby lootable items and stashes. Duration: 120 seconds. Use: 3 seconds

The earlier you can make use of this Perk the better, as you'll probably be handsomely kitted out anyway once the mid-game has rolled around. Still, if you need to get tooled up nice and quickly once you hit the dirt, this one could prove a decisive factor in your early exchanges.

Medic - Heal and revive faster. Healing items give more health. Downed allies can be revived with more health. Duration: 240 seconds. Use: 2 seconds.”

Whoever has the best means to restore their health typically lives longer overall in a Battle Royale game, and so we see this Perk as being a pretty powerful option. The ability to give your fallen allies a proper shot in the arm too could potentially make a big difference to your odds of success in the long run.

Mobility - Weapon swaps and movement faster. Take no fall damage. Fire weapons and use equipment while sprinting. Move faster when reloading. Duration: 300 seconds. Use: 2 seconds.

This particular Perk packs in quite a few different effects. Rather than giving you one clear advantage in any given area, this one provides a little extra something across many mechanics. Although you're unlikely to spend much of your time in Blackout firing at enemies while legging it across the map, we can definitely see some advantage in having a much faster weapon swap.

Outlander - Reduces damage and gives faster movement in collapse. Duration: 180 seconds. Use: 2 seconds.

This is obviously a hugely situational Perk, one that's only going to be really useful if you're somehow trapped in the circle of damage and have no speedy means of getting out of it. This is going to be a tough one to justify holding onto.

Paranoia - Provides an alert when targeted by an enemy. Duration: 240 seconds. Use: 2 seconds.

This provides an audio cue when you're being targeted by another player on the map. It's extremely handy knowing that there's someone training their sights on you as it gives you a split second to bail out of the area, find a better position and try scope them out. This perk has saved us often, and we recommend popping it whenever you're roaming the map for extended periods of time or nearing the end of the match.

Reinforced - Less damage from fire and explosives. Improved resistance to flashbang, razor and concussion. Duration: 240 seconds. Use: 3 seconds.

Again this is one of those incredibly situational Perks. If you spot some action at a distance and see grenades being flung around then you might want to activate this before charging in to mop up any survivors. Not one you'd prioritise as a generally useful thing though we don't think.

Skulker - While crouched and prone you move faster. Duration: 180 seconds. Use: 3 seconds.

Pop this perk and you'll be able to move a lot faster while you're prone or crouching. It effectively grants you normal walk speed while you're crouched, which grants you some extra stealthiness when exploring an area or sneaking up on an enemy. Combine it with Dead Silence or Awareness and you've got the ultimate "Solid Snake" combination (as we've just dubbed it).

Squad Link - You can see teammates through walls. Duration: 120 seconds. Use: 2 seconds.

The unfortunate thing about Squad Link is that it doesn't really do anything in terms of team visibility that you can really act on. If it showed what enemies were up to inside that building it would be considerably more useful (and probably broken). As it stands it's a very niche advantage that we're struggling to see big value from.

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