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Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare Tracer Rounds - how to unlock Purple, Green, Red, Cerise and Cerulean bullets

Get fly and fancy with these light-up bullets.

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You might've noticed enemies zapping you down with flashy coloured bullets. Here's how you can get your hands on them with the Purple, Green, Red, Cerise, and Cerulean bundles.

Whilst it doesn't necessarily give you a competitive advantage, tracer rounds look pretty damn cool and make your opponents glow all bright when they hit the deck.

How to unlock tracer rounds in Modern Warfare and Warzone

Tracer rounds don't come free at the moment. They usually show up in the Store section of the game's interface, as part of bundles.

You can access the Store by opening Warzone or Modern Warfare and scrolling to the rightmost tab on the menu with R1.

Only specific weapon blueprints give you the tracer rounds, so you'll have to keep an eye on the store section.

As of late July, the Racing Series Mach 8 is currently available, which includes the Autoclave and Winner's Circle weapon blueprints. These blueprints both have red bullets. Autoclave is a Striker 45 SMG, whilst Winner's Circle is an M19 handgun - the coloured bullets will only work on these specific guns.

Previous bundles to watch out for that could come back are the Nikto Operator Bundle, including a Kilo 141 blueprint named Cerulean, the Tracer Pack: Purple with a Grau 5.56 included, as well as the Tracer Pack Red Bundle, which has a FN SCAR 17 variant called Cerise. Cerulean will shoot blue tracers, whilst Cerise will light up in red. Red Dwarf is also in this bundle, and also lights up red.

The Nikto bundle cost 2400 COD points when it was active, whilst Tracer Packs cost 1600.

Sure, it's behind a paywall, but if you want the flashy stuff, you often need to pay up. Check the 'Just For You' section of the store whenever you can too - you'll find bundles unavailable to a lot of players.

Even without tracer rounds though, you'll be able to pull off flashy plays in Warzone with the help of our guides. Check out the best guns in Warzone to loot off the ground, as well as the best Warzone loadouts to grab from the now-pricy loadout drops.

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