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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare & Warzone Season 3 - New Maps, Guns, Game Modes, and more

Season 3 brings back some familiar faces.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s third season is upon us. We’ve put together all the information you'll need, and will be updating as time goes on.

A classic favourite map from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is making an appearance, as well as a brand new game mode for Warzone.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - Season 3 Guide

It turns out Alex, from the Modern Warfare campaign, isn’t actually dead! What a surprise. Ghost calls Captain Price for backup, and Alex, who was supposed to have done a heroic self-sacrifice in the game’s campaign mode, rocks up and starts shooting up baddies. Nice one, what a smart dude.

What new maps are coming to Modern Warfare Season Three?

New and old, we’ll be seeing a bunch of stuff added to Modern Warfare and Warzone. Here’s all the maps being put into to the game.

  • Talsik Backlot (Multiplayer) - Fans of the original Modern Warfare will be familiar with Backlot. The winding corridors and close-quarters fights will be instantly reminiscent for long time fans, and the remastered version has a few new tweaks too. A full lowdown is available on Activision's blog
  • Hovec Sawmill (Multiplayer) - This brand new map plays host to a lot of cover-based gameplay, including a huge tower smack in the middle.
  • Aniyah Incursion (Multiplayer) - This isn’t as much of a brand new map as the others. Instead, it’s a small portion of Aniyah Palace, which was a little big for our liking anyway. This one will already be familiar to existing Modern Warfare players then, so you won’t need all the help in the world to make things work here.
  • Hardhat (Multiplayer) - The building site from Modern Warfare 3 makes a return midway through Season 3. You’ll need to take advantage of fast-paced gunplay and quick reflexes to make things work here.
  • Aisle 9 (Gunfight) - This looks like it’ll be a small warehouse/supermarket area for use in Gunfight only. Be ready for lots of ducking behind shelves and boxes to get the angle on your opponent.

All these maps will be released on launch day aside from Hardhat and Aisle 9, so there’s brand new content for you to try out immediately.

What new game modes are coming to Modern Warfare Season 3?

In Season Three, you'll have a fair few new ways to play. Warzone has given us what we all wanted, and we’ll be seeing extra new stuff later on in the season in Modern Warfare.


  • Reinfected Ground War.
  • Gun Game Reloaded.

Both of these modes are coming midway through the season.


Quads are finally here in Warzone, meaning you can have four people on a team at once. This’ll be great for getting yourself into a team with your usual Battle Royale buddies, especially if one of you has previously had to sit out.

What new weapons can be earned through the Battle Pass?

The Battle Pass will work the same way as in Season 1 and 2, with 100 tiers of unlocks to earn through playing the game. Again, this'll include two guns which can be gained for free without purchasing the Battle Pass, but you can skip 20 tiers by purchasing the special pass.

Here are the new guns for Season 3's Battle Pass.

  • SKS - this new Marksman Rifle breathes a bit more life into the class - we’ll be updating our best guns tier list so check there to see how it performs. This'll be unlocked for free at tier 31 on the Battle Pass.
  • Renetti - This pistol isn’t super-powerful, like most pistols, but you’ll be able to wield it akimbo if you’re expecting close-quarters combat. Here’s our guide page on wielding guns akimbo for more info. You'll unlock the Renetti for free at tier 15 of the Battle Pass.
  • An as-yet unannounced weapon will be coming soon midway through the season. We’ll have it in our gun tier list when it comes out, so keep your eyes peeled!

What are the main unlocks for the Battle Pass?

Upon purchasing the Battle Pass, you'll immediately unlock the operator Alex. With the full premium pass, a whole load of extra stuff is coming up, including the chance for up to 1,300 COD Points, a bunch of Weapon Blueprints, Operator Skins, Watches, Challenges and more.

We’ll also be seeing vehicle skins in Multiplayer, Ground War, and Warzone, so you can pimp your ride to your heart’s content.

The Battle Pass tops out at rank 100, but there will be a store added to the game that'll allow you to purchase items with the COD Points you've earned.

What's the price of the Modern Warfare Battle Pass?

You'll be able to unlock gear at every tier of the Battle Pass. However, most of this you'll need to pay for. Two separate versions of the Battle Pass will be purchasable. The basic version will be 1000 COD Points, whilst players who want to unlock 20 tiers immediately will pay 2400. This comes to US$10 for the basic pass, and US$23 for the tier skip.

If you want to purchase individual tiers it'll set you back 150 COD Points per tier, which gets pretty pricey if you plan on purchasing every single one. If you bought the basic pass and every single tier, it'd end up coming to $160. Thankfully, you can just rank it up as normal after unlocking the pass, so this isn't necessary.

How do you level up your Battle Pass?

It's the same as levelling up normally. Your Battle Pass is tied to your XP, rather than specific challenges like in other games. However, in-game missions still apply to this so it's worth keeping them ticking over when you can.

Multiplayer, Trials, and Special Ops can be played to gain this XP, so you can keep playing your preferred mode.

With the introduction of Warzone, you can also level up in the lobby before matches. Drop into the map and grab a bit of easy XP by shooting down a couple baddies as you wait.

Keep an eye on this page for updates as and when we get them! While you’re waiting for all this new content, you might as well check out our Modern Warfare guns tier list, as well as how to rank up this Battle Pass as fast as possible.

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