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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season One - Release date, new maps, guns and more

'Tis the season.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s first season is almost here. We’ve put together all the information we have.

New modes, maps and weapons are coming up - read on for everything you need to know about the first season of COD: Modern Warfare. Activision released a roadmap announcement on their blog, so check that out too.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - Season 1 Guide

Dubbed ‘the biggest free content drop in Call of Duty history’, here’s what’s in store.

When does Modern Warfare’s first season release?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s brand new content drop will be released on Xbox One, PS4 and PC at 10am PT / 1pm ET / 6pm GMT on Tuesday December 3rd 2019.

What new maps are coming to Modern Warfare Season One?

We’re getting a bunch of classic maps beloved by fans of the Call of Duty series. For this update, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is represented, with three much-loved battlefields coming from there, as well as even more brand new locations and maps coming later in the season.

  • Crash (Multiplayer) - A fairly small map from the first Modern Warfare game, expect fast-paced action and rooftop battles in this Iraqi desert town.
  • Vacant (Multiplayer) - Duck and dive behind desks and engage in intense gunfights through the small rooms of this Call of Duty 4 map.
  • Shipment (Multiplayer & Gunfight) - This map, again from the original Modern Warfare, is so small and fast-paced it’s used for Gunfight as well as standard Multiplayer modes.
  • Port (Ground War) - Another brand new huge map for Ground War, this time set in an area with huge shipping crates and giant buildings.
  • Cargo (Gunfight) - The London Docklands play host to this close-quarters arena.
  • Atrium (Gunfight) - An indoor area of a palace in war-torn Verdansk, you’ll be taking part in some royal scraps.

We expect more maps to be added throughout Modern Warfare’s lifetime, especially since we’ve seen hints in other modes. Scrapyard, from Modern Warfare 2, was recreated almost perfectly for a Special Ops mission for example, so it’s looking pretty likely the devs will add in some more classics from the series.

What new game modes are coming to Modern Warfare Season 1?

Season 1 will give you a couple new ways to play Multiplayer, as well as Special Ops content.


  • Reinforce - A single-life mode in which both teams must take over the three flags on the map.
  • Infected - The infected hunt the survivors with limited resources, and the fallen turn into the undead.
  • On Side Procurement (Gunfight mode) - It’s just like gunfight but with a bit of a tweak. You start completely unarmed, and gain weapons and kit as the fight goes on.

Special Ops

  • Bomb Squad - Defuse bombs around Al-Raab
  • Grounded - Take over Barkov’s former airbase from your foes
  • Pitch Black - Recover intel from Barkov’s former estate
  • Just Reward - Hack an enemy financial operation, gaining intel along the way

What new weapons can be earned through the Battle Pass?

We’re not completely sure of the exact nature of the progression system, but it’s been confirmed that brand new cosmetics will be available for unlock throughout the 100 tiers. We’ll find out more on December 3rd, but here’s the two weapons coming to the game.

  • Holger-26 - A brand new LMG with all the hallmarks of the class: high damage, long range and a large magazine capacity. It's free to unlock at level 15 on the Season 1 Battle Pass
  • Ram-7 - A fully-automatic bullpup Assault Rifle. Hopefully it’ll have the power level to give the M4A1 a run for its money. You'll unlock it at Rank 31 on the Battle Pass.

What are the main unlocks for the Battle Pass?

The big ticket items - the new weapons - are free to unlock once you've got to the required levels: 15 and 31. You don't need to purchase the Battle Pass to unlock the Ram-7 and the Holger-26. There's a few other free bits and pieces too, including COD Points and Weapon Blueprints.

Upon purchasing the Battle Pass, you'll immediately get a few goodies before having to rank up. A new Operator, Mara, will become available, as well as a skin for Azur.

You'll also get the first of many Watches on the Battle Pass. Yup, that's right, you can finally get a Watch on Modern Warfare without buying pizza rolls! The Skilltrack 55 Watch will keep an eye on your current rank with a cool little visual.

A particularly interesting callback is the HDR Blueprint - Hadir's Right Hand. You might remember taking out baddies in the campaign with this behemoth, and you can unlock it at level 38 of the Battle Pass.

Our favourite piece of kit comes all the way at rank 93. The Life Support Watch displays the number of footsteps you've toaken so far in the game, which is pretty cool. It's even handy to keep track of when your footsteps will be making a sound to enemies.

The Battle Pass tops out at rank 100, but there will be a store added to the game that'll allow you to purchase items with the COD Points you've earned.

What's the price of the Modern Warfare Battle Pass?

You'll be able to unlock gear at every tier of the Battle Pass. However, most of this you'll need to pay for. Two separate versions of the Battle Pass will be purchasable. The basic version will be 1000 COD Points, whilst players who want to unlock 20 tiers immediately will pay 2400. This comes to US$10 for the basic pass, and US$23 for the tier skip.

If you want to purchase individual tiers it'll set you back 150 COD Points per tier, which gets pretty pricey if you plan on purchasing every single one. If you bought the basic pass and every single tier, it'd end up coming to $160. Thankfully, you can just rank it up as normal after unlocking the pass, so this isn't necessary.

How do you level up your Battle Pass?

It's the same as levelling up normally. Your Battle Pass is tied to your XP, rather than specific challenges like in other games. However, in-game missions still apply to this so it's worth keeping them ticking over when you can.

Multiplayer and Special Ops can be played to gain this XP, so you can keep playing your preferred mode.

Keep an eye on this page for updates as and when we get them! All details on the Battle Pass will be laid out, as well as guides on how to rank up and progress. While you’re waiting for all this new content, you might as well check out our Modern Warfare guns tier list, as well as tips on executing campers with special animations.

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