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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Ranking System - How does progression work?

Here's how progression works in Modern Warfare.

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Our Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) Ranking System guide details how the progression system works in multiplayer, including Officer Ranks, Seasonal Rewards and Badges of Honor.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has introduced a fresh multiplayer progression system which feels far more rewarding than past iterations. As you rank up, you'll unlock additional loadout options, Killstreaks, Field Upgrades, and unique Perks. Oh, and you'll also receive weapon skins, icons, attachments, and camos through Weapon levels.

There are also new Officer Ranks which have replaced Prestige, and should provide even more incentives to keep on pulling the trigger. Below we’ve broken all of these things down, so levelling up won’t be quite as confusing as it’s made out to be.

How does the ranking system work in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare?

To put it simply, you’ll earn XP in multiplayer which will go towards your rank. At first, you’ll begin as Enlisted, with ranks 1-55. As you level up, you’ll receive new loadout options, Killstreaks and more.

Once you’ve hit 55, there's a new equivalent of Prestige - Officer. Instead of your rank resetting, you'll hit Officer which will open up another 100 ranks, exclusive Officer Challenges, and cosmetics.

At the start of each Season, your Officer Rank is reset so everyone starts on a level playing field.

Starting out: Enlisted Ranks

When you first start ranking up in Multiplayer or Spec Ops, you’ll begin in the Enlisted Ranks as a Private (Level 1).

As you progress through these tiers, you’ll begin unlocking the fundamentals, like Killstreaks, additional loadouts and Field Upgrades. Eventually you’ll gain access to custom loadouts and from here on out, new weapons, equipment, perks and skins will be yours.

Levelling up requires XP, and you’ll earn it through multiplayer matches, Spec Ops Operations and Missions. Here’s what else will earn you XP in Modern Warfare:

  • Complete: Multiplayer Matches, Spec Ops Operations and Missions
  • Daily Challenges - Short objectives which can be completed in a single play session. Offer XP boosts.
  • Challenge Missions - These are multi-step objectives that can be completed for XP bonuses and special rewards. To activate them, you need to head into the Barracks Menu.
  • Camo Challenges - These unlock variations of base weapon camos. Also offer XP boosts.

Prestige: Officer Ranks

This is a revamped version of Prestige in previous Call of Duty games. Before, your rank would reset and you’d gain a unique emblem, and a few other minor cosmetics for Prestige-ing. It wasn’t super rewarding, to say the least.

In Modern Warfare, they’ve canned Prestige and brought in Officer Ranks instead.

It’s a seasonal ranking system, with 100 Officer Ranks to progress through. When you level up as an Officer, you’ll unlock a special Officer Challenge. These are similar to Daily Challenges, but these objectives reward you with XP upon completion and also give you a special Seasonal Ribbon.

Earn 10 Ribbons and it’ll grant you a special Season Emblem. Nab another 10 and it’ll evolve the emblem. Manage to collect all 100 and you’ll unlock an animated Emblem to mark your achievement for the season.

Below we've linked a video by PrestigeIsKey which shows what happens when you reach Officer Rank:

It's well worth a watch as you'll get a deep dive into the Officer Challenges.

How does Weapon Levelling work?

Just like Operators, weapons can also be leveled up and gain experience. Defeat enemies with a weapon and you’ll earn weapon XP for that specific weapon. Earn enough XP and it’ll gain a level.

Rank up your weapons and it will reward you with a new attachment, for example, a Muzzle, Optic, or Stock. Maybe even camouflage or a perk.

If you’ve unlocked a camo, you can begin leveling it up by completing its set of camo challenges. Additionally, camo unlocks earn you XP rewards.

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Do I get to keep what I’ve earned per season?

In short - yes.

Any Officer Rank, Officer Challenge Ribbon, or Seasonal Emblem are permanently recorded in the game.

Prior to the start of each new Season, your Officer Rank is reset so everyone is on the same playing field, however, you’ll keep all of the stuff you’ve earned.

What content is scheduled for post-launch?

Modern Warfare’s multiplayer experience is due a number of seasons. With each season there will be an Officer Rank progression track, new maps, modes, missions, community events, and other content too.

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