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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - How to rank up your Battle Pass

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s second season is finally here, so here’s how to level up your Battle Pass.

The Battle Pass is finally here, and there’s all sorts of ways to get your unlocks started. Here’s our rundown of Season 2’s Battle Pass.

How to rank up your Battle Pass in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

There are 100 tiers to unlock from February 11th 2020, so you’ll want to make some progress if you want to get your hands on the big ticket items. We’ve got more info on this on our Season 1 guide page, but here’s all the ways to rank up.

Premium Battle Pass

For 1000 COD Points, you can purchase the Battle Pass’ full unlock potential. However, for 2400, you’ll be plonked directly to rank 20. This’ll unlock every reward until that tier including the Holger-26, the first of the two new guns. This Light Machine Gun is worth a try, and if you’re okay with spending the £16.79 (around US$24), you might as well.

Standard XP Gain

Thankfully, you can rank up your Battle Pass without paying this extra premium too. By playing matches as normal and levelling up your Officer Rank, you can gain XP for your Battle Pass too.

Missions and Challenges

Successfully completing daily challenges and missions gives you a hefty boost to your Battle Pass ranking, especially now that they’ve been made slightly easier to complete and the stat tracking has been fixed. Make sure you’ve gone to the Barracks menu and selected a mission corresponding to whatever you’re looking to do in game. Don’t have a Ground War mission active when you’re playing Gunfight!


You can gain extra XP by performing well in Trials. We’ve got more information in our Trials guide, but if you have extra tickets and confident in a 2 or 3 star performance, you can bump up your Battle Pass ranking nice and quickly.

We’ve got more guides to help you out with ranking up in Modern Warfare - check out our Best Guns page for help on loadouts, and our Modern Warfare Battle Royale page for everything we know about a potential future for Modern Warfare.

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