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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Guns - Best Assault Rifles, SMGs, Snipers, Shotguns, LMGs, Marksman Rifles

COD: Modern Warfare has a huge selection of guns and equipment. We've put together a list of the best.

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Here’s our tier list of the best guns available in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - we’ll be keeping it updated at all times so come back often!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is bringing back a host of classic guns and weapons from the series, but with so many it can be tough to make a choice. We’ve put together a tier list to help you with making those decisions, and hopefully you can be the best player you can be with our help. Remember, there’s no substitute for good gameplay, so don’t blame us when some chump outflanks you and shoots your head off.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Best Guns

Before we break down the best weapons of each type, we’ve put together a quick list of the very best guns in the game for those of you who just want to get involved immediately. We’ve got more info on each weapon below, but here’s our initial breakdown of the current meta.

1: M4A1 (Assault Rifle)

Make use of the M4A1 before it gets nerfed, because everyone else is. Without a doubt the best gun in the game, the M4A1 is massively accurate with a fast fire rate, giving you an enormously forgiving window of opportunity to kill the enemy. You can even miss a few shots and still get the kill on a foe, such is the ludicrous strength of the M4A1.

2: AX-50 (Sniper Rifle)

The quintessential sniper for Modern Warfare, the AX-50 will serve you well on maps with longer sight lines like Piccadilly or Euphrates Bridge. One-shot killing enemies at huge ranges, it’s worth remembering a couple of things when using it. Firstly, you’re extremely visible to enemies when aiming down your scope. You’ll light up like a christmas tree, so make sure you’re not just sitting out in the open looking for shots to hit. As well as this, it’s important to remember that bullets aren’t hitscan like they have been in previous COD games. This matters most for long-ranged encounters with snipers, so remember to aim slightly higher than usual in order to account for bullet drop.

3: AK-47 (Assault Rifle)

With the 5.45x39mm ammunition attachment, the AK-47 is an absolute machine. Its rapid fire-rate combined with high damage gives a ludicrously fast time-to-kill, and you’ll be able to take enemies down with swiftness and ease if you land your shots. The only problem here is how hard it is to land those hits reliably - recoil is pretty horrible thanks to your ADS-enhancing attachments, so you’ll need to get used to the difficulty this gun has with handling. If you can master it though, you’ll be shredding foes left, right, and centre.

4: Kilo 141 (Assault Rifle)

It’s basically a slightly less powerful version of the M4A1. The Kilo 141 offers a tiny bit extra damage in exchange for a tiny bit less accuracy and fire rate, and overall it’s just not quite as strong. Even so, you’ll see a whole lot of success, and it’s worth getting to grips with the gun before the M4’s inevitable nerf.

5: Ram-7 (Assault Rifle)

The Ram-7 deals more damage than the M4A1 if you get used to using it. Unlocked at level 31 of the Battle Pass for free, the Ram-7 is worth getting used to thanks to its nature as something of a hybrid between Assault Rifle and SMG. You might want to grab an extended magazine attachment thanks to how quickly this thing fires. Time to kill is absolutely nuts at many ranges, so if you can get used to the significant sideways recoil you should pick the Ram-7 up and give it a try.

6: 725 (Shotgun)

The range on this ‘shotgun’ is ridiculous for a Call of Duty game. It’s reminiscent of the pre-nerf Model 1887 guns from Modern Warfare 2 in that its one-shot kill distance is far larger than you’d expect. It’s a double-barrelled gun too, so you can two-shot people if they’re slightly further away too. Give it a go if you’re not the biggest shotgun fan. Shoot those shots, even if you think they won’t hit, because they probably will.

7: MP7 (Submachine Gun)

The MP7 is our favourite SMG the game has to offer, bringing with it a surprising amount of stability as well as damage up until a decent range. It takes a while to unlock the MP7 but it’s well worth giving it a bit of time once you do at level 54. You’ll beat out assault rifle users with relative ease in close quarters too, meaning the huge number of M4A1 users will struggle to lay a finger on you if you round a corner at them. Available perks can really help this gun’s performance too, including the Disabling frangibles, which slow enemy movement and allow you to finish off fleeing foes.

8: PKM (Light Machine Gun)

For longer range encounters, give the PKM a shot. It’s got a surprisingly fast time to kill and as long as you can look past its lack of mobility and slow aim-down-sights speed, the PKM is one of the most versatile guns in the game, able to spar with snipers and assault rifles alike.

9: MP5 (Submachine Gun)

A slightly more close-range oriented rendition of the MP7, the MP5 hits extremely hard if you can get your shots on target. Damage drops off slightly at range, but with the MP5 in hand you’ll never struggle in close quarters (except against a shotgun, obviously).

10: AUG (Submachine Gun)

The AUG is one of the more underrated guns at the moment. It shoots pretty damn fast and deals solid damage at all ranges, and has a very different feel compared to the other SMGs on offer. If you’ve tried the MP5 and MP7 without success, it’s well worth giving a go - you might find yourself destroying your opponents with ease.

Remember - give all the guns a go! Some of them will feel so much better in your hands than it does for others, so if you pick up a weapon we’ve listed as low tier and are absolutely killing it, let us know! Maybe you’re smashing it and we’re missing a trick.

Best Assault Rifles

Your standard weapon and likely the first kind of gun you’ll pick up, Assault Rifles will serve you well across numerous situations with their all-purpose ability to output damage at various different ranges.

1M4A1The M4A1 is an early-unlock gun, usable at level 6. On its own, it’s a solidly accurate, high-damage rifle. Whack a couple of attachments on it - we’re enjoying the Operator Reflex Sight, especially since the iron sights aren’t the best on this gun - and it becomes an absolute beast of a gun. Get it all kitted up and you’ll be able to take down enemies at all ranges, especially paired with the Overkill perk, offering you the opportunity to whack out a shotgun or sniper as your secondary if you fancy. The M4A1 is the best gun in the game at the moment - check out our advanced loadout guide if you're looking for a class to use it with!
AK-47The AK-47 is a high damage but high skill weapon. There’s some very spicy upgrades ready for the AK-47 too. The 5.45x39mm rounds combined with No Stock, the 23.0” RPK Barrel, and Compensator make a very tasty close-range weapon. The fast fire-rate afforded to you by the ammo change gives you a ludicrously fast time-to-kill, and thanks to the No Stock your aim-down-sights time is pretty sweet. Recoil is tough to handle, but you’ll be shredding the enemy if you land your shots. Chuck on a foregrip if you’re struggling with this recoil too.
Kilo 141The first Assault Rifle available to you, it's an excellent all-around weapon. Slightly faster firing than the M4A1, the Kilo 141 can serve you well at various ranges, and this firing speed makes it very forgiving if you tend to miss a shot or two during a firefight. Usually it's worth picking the M4 ahead of this gun, but if the Kilo 141 starts feeling better for you, we're not stopping you from using it!
Ram-7Get used to this gun's unique sideways recoil and you might find your new favourite. Dealing brilliant damage with a solid ADS time and insane time to kill, you'll be wanting to get into duels at all ranges with M4A1 users if you master the Ram-7.
2Grau 5.56The Grau 5.56 is meant as a longer range rifle, keeping its damage profile reasonably well on larger maps. Not exactly perfect, but it absolutely has its uses, and the huge variety of attachments available mean you'll be able to deck this gun out to perfectly compliment your playstyle. Going minimalist is our favourite, and it's super fun to run-and-gun with no stock and all the fast attachments.
FN SCAR 17SIn what seems to be a theme for this game, iconic guns have been renamed and put out there once again. This one is better known as the SCAR-H from Modern Warfare 2, and looks to fulfil the same role as an AR that is able to take foes down over longer range. This one manages just fine in the hands of a capable wielder, and is well worth giving a try.
3M13A massively powerful weapon only let down by its struggle to remain accurate at range, you’ll find a lot of success with the M13 as long as you learn to control the recoil. Functionally, it's more of an SMG than anything else, so keep this in mind when you get the M13 out.
OdenThe Oden’s damage output is shockingly high. Despite its low fire rate, time to kill is extremely quick since you’ll finish enemies in just 2 hits. The low rate of fire helps you with accuracy too, so it’s well worth getting the Oden beefed up if you try it out and it floats your boat.
FR 5.56The FAMAS of old has returned. You’ll be able to get kills fairly easily if you land all three of this gun’s burst shots, but the issue comes when you pass the mid-range, at which point the FR 5.56 starts to struggle. It’s far harder to hit all three of the shots with this from further away, and the fact that this gun is always on burst fire means it offers far less control than others on this list.
4FALThe FAL isn’t great. It’s got some solid damage per shot, but you’ll need a quick trigger finger and incredible recoil control to make it work. Honestly, it’s just not worth it, and you’re better off picking something that’ll put out damage more reliably and consistently like a better AR or a marksman rifle to do the same job.
Wipe the lens pal, it's all drippy.

Best SMGs

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare brings out its fair share of SMGs, dealing monstrous damage close-up and letting you play that run-and-gun style adored by the hardcore community. Punish campers, hit your shots, and you’ll start seeing a lot of SMG success.

1MP7Exactly what you want from your SMG. The MP7 hits hard and fires fast, completely shredding enemies at close and medium ranges. Recoil is low and controllable, and you’ll be able to sprint around the map and aim down your sights swiftly and easily.
MP5The MP5 is up there with the MP7 when it comes to the best SMG in the game. If you like to run and gun, this could be the choice for you, as it'll absolutely shred enemies at close range with an obscenely fast aim-down-sights time. Equip Stopping Power as your Field Upgrade and it'll be brutal, and even holds its own at range if you're good enough.
Striker 45You'll probably recognise the Striker 45 as a similar weapon to the UMP45 from previous COD games. It's far more brutal at range than the rest of your SMG options, and can remain accurate too. Particularly when you toss some attachments on this baby, you'll be feeling the huge power behind it. You'll find it more useful in close quarters though, and if you're able to react faster than your opponent, you'll be killing them super fast. You can even 2-shot headshot with the unique Hollow Point burst magazine attachment too, so if you manage to hit those shots, you'll be unstoppable.
2AUGHugely mobile and damage-heavy, the AUG offers a great deal of accuracy for the gun type. This means it’s better than you’d expect at longer ranges, so it’s well worth giving this a go on maps with more open spaces.
UziA classic of military shooters, this SMG is no frills but struggles to get kills quite swiftly enough to warrant its use. Fairly low damage is made up for by a fast rate of fire and high mobility, but outside of indoor combat you’ll find little use for this gun. With a recent update, the Uzi now has its own niche. Unlocking the FSS Carbine Pro Barrel along with the .41 AE 32-Round Mags gives you a great deal of range, making it unique amongst SMGs. You’ll usually have more luck with an Assault Rifle, but this is a fun alternative regardless.
PP19 BizonA big magazine for an SMG helps the PP19 Bizon secure its place as a solid option to choose. Versatility is king in Modern Warfare, and this thing is able to shred through enemies nearby as well as hitting foes at a distance with a bit of patience from the player.
3P90Super fast fire rate, at the cost of almost everything else. This gun won’t cut the mustard at anything above point-blank range, and even then there will be better options.

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Best Sniper Rifles

Modern Warfare players love a bit of tactical play, so why not pick up one of these bad boys and hunker down in a nice little nest?

1AX-50Reasonably quick ADS coupled with outrageous stopping power makes the AX-50 the best sniper to pick up once you’ve unlocked it. Sure, you won’t be able to hit follow-ups, but you’ll usually not even need them, since this weapon just zaps enemies dead. It’s great for quickscoping too, so if you want to hit up Rust to settle a score, the AX-50 is the gun for you.
2HDRThe HDR is another bolt-action sniper. With slightly less damage than the AX-50, you’ll struggle a bit to find those kills when penetrating cover, but the damage output is good enough that any shot you land on an enemy’s upper body will result in a kill.
DragunovUnfortunately, the Dragunov trades off damage in favour of fire rate. It’ll still kill with a headshot, but the number of times we’ve landed a hit and not finished the enemy gets fairly frustrating. Sure, the semi-automatic nature of the gun allows for follow-ups, but with a well-placed sniper shot, you shouldn’t need it, and with the fast time to kill in this game you might not even have time.
You've got something on your head mate.

Best Light Machine Guns

If you’re looking to take down foes from further away, a Light Machine Gun might be for you. They’ve usually got chunky magazine sizes too, so if you’re struggling on larger maps, these guns are worth a go.

1PKMWe’ve been getting a feel for the PKM, and good lord, this thing shreds. Got a tough match on Euphrates Bridge? Whack a sniper scope on this thing and beat enemy campers to the punch. Enemies rushing you on Picadilly? Pick them off one by one - you won’t run out of ammo and this gun kills super quick if you hit your shots. It keeps its accuracy at range too, meaning you’ll be able to beat out Assault Rifle-toting baddies easily too. The only issue is ADS speed, but even then - this gun is absolutely nuts and super fun to use.
2SA87This weapon deals a solid bit of damage across a long range. Its low rate of fire means you’ll struggle against SMGs and other weapons up close, but you should be accurate enough across a fairly long range to compensate.
Holger-26The Holger-26 fires super fast for a Light Machine Gun. Unfortunately though, this is balanced out by its failure to remain accurate at range. Reload time is faster than other LMGs though, so it's a little bit more versatile during stressful, drawn-out gunfights. In general though, most situations are better served by the PKM.
3M91It’s not particularly mobile, and you’re going to struggle to beat anyone out at close range. The M91 makes up for this somewhat with stability at long range though, meaning you’ll be able to put a lot of rounds into foes from a while away.
MG34It’s inaccurate and cumbersome. The MG34 will deal solid damage close up, but you’ll be beaten out by the mobility of most SMGs and ARs in the game, and you don’t even get the benefit of long-ranged accuracy either.

Best Shotguns

Shotguns do exactly what you expect them to - blast enemies to death at close range. Remember - they’re not amazing in many situations, especially in bigger maps with longer sight lines, so be mindful of the situations in which you use these!

1725This shotgun fires lethal blows at a ludicrous range. It might surprise you, so go for those shots you don’t think will kill and they just might. The double-barrelled nature of the weapon offers a quick follow-up shot too, just in case you run into more than one foe or you miss a tap. We recommend getting a bit of use out of the 725 Shotgun before it inevitably gets hit with a nerf.
2Model 680The Model 680 works as a pump-action shotgun that can ruin your enemies’ day if you hit your shots. The main issue is how long it takes to hit a follow-up shot. Deadly stopping power, but with the swift time to kill in Modern Warfare, you’ll probably be dead by the time you can get a second blast out.
R9-0 ShotgunThe R9-0 Shotgun offers another double-barreled option, but this one is much more suited to the close range. It is more accurate and easier to control the recoil, so you’ll be able to hit foes close by twice very quickly, and does more damage than the 725, but the R9-0’s sacrifice of range is vital for a shotgun.
3Origin 12 ShotgunThis shotgun is semi-automatic, meaning you can keep firing shots at enemies in close quarters. Unfortunately, this comes at the cost of any effectiveness outside of knifing range. You’re usually better off picking a different option as this one is far too limited.

Best Marksman Rifles

At the moment, we don’t recommend these as your main weapon of choice. Sure, they’re more mobile than snipers, but they’re also far, far less deadly. A lot of the time, an Assault Rifle will do their job, only 10 times better.

1MK2 CarbineIf you’re using a Marksman Rifle, you might as well make it this one. A solid chest hit will usually result in a kill, and you should be able to get a decent bit of range out of it.
2EBR-14This gun has some grim looking iron sights that’ll mean you struggle to land those marksman-like hits from across the map. Once you’ve got it upgraded with a real scope it’ll get better though, although it only really one-shots enemies if you land a headshot. The semi-automatic nature of the rifle does allow for follow-up shots though, so it’s not too awful to use if you can control the recoil.
Kar98kYou’ll need to hit headshots with this weapon for it to have any use at all, and even then the damage drops off at long range. It’s fun to use and immensely satisfying when you get those kills, but more often than not you’ll be getting a hit marker before your enemy turns you into a pile of flesh as you try to fire the bolt-action again.
3CrossbowThe Crossbow is a special, unique gun that’s fun to use and immensely satisfying to get kills with. However, it’s also kind of rubbish. You can customise it heavily to get explosive bolts, new optics, and increased range, but in general, the very nature of its ludicrously high reload time means you’ll have a lot of issues when facing off against more than one opponent. It’s fun to clown on enemies with though, so there’s that.
Not what you want to see at your front door.

Secondary Weapons


Handguns serve as solid backups for finishing off enemies at the end of a firefight. It’s probably best not to run around with these out solo though. Of course, there’s a caveat here - unlocking Akimbo dual-wielding in close-quarters combat is super strong - check out our Akimbo guide for more information on unlocking this.

  • X16
  • 1911
  • .357
  • .50 GS (formerly known as the Desert Eagle)
  • M19


Enemy killstreaks can be plucked out of the sky with these monsters, as well as blasting foes who decide to bunker down together.

  • RPG-7
  • PILA
  • JOKR (formerly known as the Javelin)
  • Strela-P

Melee Weapons

Getting too close? Here’s what you can whack/stab/hack your enemies with.

  • Combat Knife

Keep an eye out for our guides on what guns to choose and the best loadouts to aim for! We'll be updating this page constantly once the meta has developed. In the meantime, we've got more Call of Duty: Modern Warfare guides for you, including how the new ranking and progression system works as well as the potential future Battle Royale mode.

We've got all our guides over at our Call of Duty: Mobile guide hub to make things easier for you too!

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