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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - Gun Game Tips

Knife one.

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Gun Game is a classic from the COD series. It’s a tough one to get a grasp on though, so here’s our tips on improving at Modern Warfare’s iteration.

There’s always some level of predictability when it comes to Gun Game. Make sure you’re always keeping track of what the next tier is, as well as where your enemies are in the game.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - Gun Game Guide

The most important thing in Gun Game is getting to know the guns at your disposal. We’ve got some general tips and tricks to help you out during the match too, so read on.

Gun Game - Weapon Order

You’ll want to know what’s coming up next each game. Here’s the order in which each weapon type will come up. Specific guns and attachments are more random, but you won’t get the same weapon twice in a single game.

  • Gun 1: Pistol
  • Gun 2: Shotgun
  • Gun 3: Submachine Gun
  • Gun 4: Assault Rifle
  • Gun 5: Light Machine Gun
  • Gun 6: Marksman Rifle / Sniper Rifle
  • Gun 7: Submachine Gun
  • Gun 8: Assault Rifle
  • Gun 9: Light Machine Gun
  • Gun 10: Launcher
  • Gun 11: Shotgun
  • Gun 12: Submachine Gun
  • Gun 13: Assault Rifle
  • Gun 14: Submachine Gun
  • Gun 15: Assault Rifle
  • Gun 16: Sniper Rifle
  • Gun 17: Pistol
  • Gun 18: Throwing Knife

Gun Game - Tips and Tricks

As you can see, things get a little easier between gun 12 and 15, with Assault Rifles and SMGs letting you take out foes in most situations. Where things get tougher is the Shotgun and Pistol rounds, which force you into a certain style of play, and many players fail to adapt.

When you get a Shotgun, change how you position yourself. Don’t charge through wide open spaces, as your enemies will usually be able to get the drop on you with almost any other weapon. Instead, find indoor areas with closer quarters combat, like the warehouse in Hackney Yard or the shops at Piccadilly.

Light Machine Guns require you to adapt too - running and gunning won’t work out when you’re lugging around a huge, slow piece of kit. It’s frowned upon, but being a bit more campy works wonders with these weapons, and you’ll often be able to zap foes from long range when they unwittingly run across your path.

One useful part of Gun Game is that you can upgrade weapons you'd otherwise not try out. It gives you a feel for more of them, and you can play with attachments rather than starting from scratch like you would in a normal game.

A lot of players get stuck on the Sniper round, and it’s easy to get frustrated here. Try to forget about the scoreboard and get yourself a good sight line over an area. It’s common to get stuck early or late with Snipers and Marksman Rifles, especially when foes are running around with quick-firing automatic weapons. Just hold an area and you should be fine. You don’t want to be caught in a sprint though, so try to hold aim at a point and find an enemy to take down. Sure, someone might whack you from behind but that’s not something you can control, and the less you get tilted the sooner you’ll get the gun out of the way.

One of the most vital aspects to being successful in Gun Game is getting your first kill as quickly as possible. The pistol is usually the weakest gun you’ll have, so you should be trying to get rid of it immediately, which is easiest against other pistols. Don’t run around like a headless chicken at the start then - instead wait for enemy footsteps to give their position away and hit them when they’re not expecting it.

Given the free-for-all nature of Gun Game, you’ll never spawn far from an enemy. That’s why it’s important to get out of the habit of sprinting after respawning. This gives your position away and makes it harder to get your gun at the ready. Of course, sprinting has its place, but all too often it can get you killed if you aren’t extra careful.

You’ll find yourself playing on a whole lot of night-time maps on Gun Game, meaning your weapons will be aiming with lasers. Remember: these can be easily seen by enemies, giving away your position. You can benefit from this too though, so keep your eyes out for enemies aiming.

That’s all for our Gun Game guide! We’ve got more help for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare though, so feel free to check out more of our guides. We’ve got everything from a Modern Warfare gun tier list to a run through of the game’s Season 1 and Battle Pass.

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