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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Finishing Moves guide - how to execute campers

Brutal stabbings and headbutts.

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Our Finishing Moves guide will go through exactly how to wreck window campers and pull off an execution in Modern Warfare.

Something added in the latest Call of Duty edition was the ability to pull off special finishing moves in Multiplayer. Each operator has a unique move, and they function as one-shot melee kills for those of us who want to take out enemies with a bit more flair.

How do I do a Finishing Move in Modern Warfare?

It’s easy in theory, but can get quite annoying in practice. All you need to do is hold in your melee attack button when you’re directly behind an enemy. Once you’ve done that, the Finishing Move animation should play out and your opponent will be executed. Here’s an example of how it looks.

This is obviously best used when sneaking up on enemies with their sniper pointed out of the window, giving you a bit more time to line up your melee than when you’re frantically running around in a firefight.

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What are all the Finishing Move animations?

Since each operator has a different way in which they take out the enemy, you’ll be able to pick out your favourite. YouTube channel Ray The Great put up a video with all execution animations, so check it out below if you’re interested in watching them all!

That’s all we’ve got for our guide on Finishing Moves - check out our pages on the game’s best guns and loadouts too if you’re looking to maximise your kills!

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