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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - Best Advanced Class Loadouts

Modern Warfare: Starring the M4A1.

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Advanced Modern Warfare players need the best kit - here’s what can take you to the next level.

If you’ve been seeing success with our best beginner loadouts, it might be time to upgrade your game. Once you've unlocked a few more guns and gear, as well as levelled up previous weapons, you'll be able to survive the battlefield better with our advanced class loadouts.

Best advanced loadouts for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

There are a couple of directions you can go in Modern Warfare when it comes to advanced class loadouts. There’s a lot of controversy within the game’s community on which guns are overpowered and which need buffs, but here’s a class that’ll help you out once you’ve got a bit more experience.

M4A1 Assault Rifle

The M4A1 is the third AR you’ll unlock, and given its popularity it’s likely to be one of the first weapons to receive a nerf. Its damage at all ranges and consistency with aim make it a great gun even for the more advanced player at the moment, and we expect to see a whole lot of variety with this one. Level it up and see for yourself - we’ve gone and worked out our favourite attachments, secondary, perks and equipment go best with the class.

Primary weapon: M4A1

Get this gun levelled up as quickly as possible - you’ll want to get the attachments on deck as soon as you can. If you’ve purchased the game digitally, you may immediately unlock the XRK M4, which gains a whole lot of sweet attachments immediately. It’s actually up there with our favourite setups for the M4A1 in the whole game, so we’ve edited the gun from there. Remember, this isn’t essential though! Once you’ve levelled this gun up enough you’ll immediately unlock the rest of the attachments so you can gear yourself out to your heart’s content. Here’s our favourite attachments lineup for advanced players:

  • FFS 12.4” Predator: Aim Down Sight speed is hugely important in Modern Warfare, and this bonus coupled with some handy sound suppression makes the subtraction in bullet velocity barely noticeable.
  • Tac Laser: Bung this on your gun and you’ll be able to ADS extremely quicker, as well as be more stable whilst aiming and walking. The enemy will be able to see the laser, but that’s a small tradeoff for such a powerful ability, and you’ll be shredding them down before they can do anything about it.
  • Integral Hybrid: This scope lets you swiftly switch between the short and long range, offering brilliant versatility even on maps that require you to use range to your advantage.
  • Commando Foregrip: Your underbarrel can be used for extra gear like grenade launchers, but we prefer this accuracy-boosting gear, which again helps you at both long and short ranges.
  • Granulated Grip Tape: At a slight cost to your movement speed, the Granulated Grip Tape boosts your gun’s stability whilst aiming, allowing you to pull off those kills with greater reliability. It also makes you more steady whilst walking around, meaning you can use this weapon’s lightning-fast ADS to secure a few solid kills.

The perfect kit is hard to pinpoint, and everyone’s going to prefer certain attachments over others, so we’d recommend mixing and matching until you find something that suits you. Attachments like optics are very subjective, so it’s worth testing them all out if you want.

Secondary weapon: Riot Shield

Thanks to your Overkill perk, you’ll be able to equip a Riot Shield as your secondary. Remember, this isn’t strictly to use all the time - only in dire situations. It does offer you some protection from behind though, which given the almost instant time-to-kill this game offers, will sometimes save your skin when you least expect it.


Here’s our favourite perks to use with this class:

  • Overkill: As mentioned previously, Overkill offers you the chance to use a second Primary weapon. We recommend the Riot Shield, but if you really fancy something like a Shotgun or Sniper we won’t argue.
  • Ghost: UAV and Personal Radar are two of the most prevalent killstreaks in the game. You’ll see them constantly, and get a lot of kills thanks to them. Ghost keeps you off of the enemy’s radar, an extremely important ability that’ll let you flank foes far more effectively.
  • Shrapnel: At the moment, Claymores are extremely strong. Shrapnel gives you an extra one. What’s not to like?


As mentioned above, Claymores are a great addition to any loadout. Chuck them down at a chokepoint or objective for free kills, or to block off and delay enemy approaches. For Tactical equipment, we like the Snapshot Grenade.

Giving you a small glimpse at an enemy’s location is vital when time to kill is so swift. The Snapshot Grenade offers a bit of information on the enemy, meaning you can get your eye in and blast them down before they have a chance to respond. You can see them through walls and everything - good use of this Tactical can be the difference between a won and lost objective.

That’s all for our advanced M4A1 loadout! Check out more of our Modern Warfare guides, like our weapon tier list and a the best class loadouts for beginners.

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