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Call of Duty: Mobile Zombies - Easter Eggs and Secrets

Secrets galore, but what do they do?

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Here's our guide for all the Easter Eggs and Secrets in Call of Duty: Mobile Zombies, including the bonus tree boss, Jubokko.

Players have been digging deep into COD: Mobile’s Zombies mode and have made some interesting discoveries. Here’s how to replicate these tricks and uncover exciting secrets.

Props to MrDalekJD, who put these secrets into a nice, concise video, so check him out if you have time.

How do I activate the secret boss fight in Call of Duty: Mobile Zombies?

You’ll need to take several steps in the Shi No Numa map to unlock the Jubokko boss battle. You can keep track of your progress by pressing the light bulb icon to the right of your point total. Remember to select the Hardcore Raid before you start off - Jubokko won’t waste his time on Normal difficulty.

First of all, you’ll need to find two cogs. These can be found in a number of spots. By the top floor door in the spawn room you might find one, and there are three other locations on the bottom floor of that building. Look out for a shelf behind from where the Mystery Box starts off, next to the floor’s coin machine, and on the ground next to a box near the upgrades machine.

After you collect both cogs, head to a machine outside on the top floor balcony. Press the Repair button, and head on to the lift. Press the ‘Start’ button and you’ll be transported to a secret underground bunker. Go to the laboratory room and read the diary on the desk.

Now you’ve read the diary, look around for growing plants. You should see some blue seed-like objects which you need to shoot to make them sprout plants, and keep shooting the plants until they die. Keep an eye on the lightbulb menu to see if you’ve got enough of them. Once you’ve got a tick next to those branch-looking things, you’re good to go.

Head out of the door and take the second right to find a radio on a desk. Press the ‘Start’ button and you’ll have activated the code. After doing this, you’ll have completed this set of tasks, and Jubokko should be visible to the right of your round count.

From here, just complete the rest of the map as best you can. You’ll be able to purchase a couple of power ups down here before leaving, and Training zombies is a great way to survive into the late game on Hardcore.

What other secrets can I find in Call of Duty: Mobile Zombies?

If you’re after some more background and secrets in Zombies, read on - you can find all sorts of extra goodies if you know where to look.

Death Machine

To get Death Machine, head outside to the Fishing Hut. You can get here by opening the big gate out through the courtyard for 1000 points.

Shoot all four frying pans on the walls, and once you’ve done so there should be a small blue seed on the ground outside the door and to the right. Look on the ground by the stairs.

More seeds will spawn, the next being by a tree outside the map in front of you, and the third being in a little nook to the left of the bridge.

After shooting this one, cross the bridge for the final two seeds. The first is just to the right outside of the map, and the final one is directly in front of you from there.

The final seed being destroyed drops a Death Machine power up, giving you a massive gatling gun to shred zombies to pieces.

Radio Messages

Five Radios can be found throughout the map. One is in the previously mentioned laboratory area having collected both cogs, and one in each of the huts outside of the map.

Shoot the radios and you’ll get a bit of background on the history of the zombie outbreak at Shi No Numa.

Max Ammo Blue Skulls

In the storage hut area of the map, you’ll see a large blue rock. Shoot it a bunch of times and a group of blue flying skulls will start flying around your area. Once you’ve killed them all, you’ll receive a guaranteed Max Ammo upgrade, great for when you’re getting to the later rounds.

Teddy Bears

There are four teddy bears dotted around the place. You’ll need to go around and shoot each one of them.

  • One can be found out of the window of the Doctor’s Quarters, where you’ll see it hidden behind some bushes (the bushes will be gone if you use reduce your graphics to the lowest setting though).
  • The next is out of the Comm Room window on the right hand side.
  • Head to the Storage Hut and you’ll find one on a window on your right.
  • Finally, head to the Fishing Hut and look left as you enter.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like there’s any specific reward for shooting all the teddy bears, aside from a little tick on the lightbulb menu.

That's all the secrets and easter eggs we know about for COD: Mobile Zombies! Check out our Call of Duty: Mobile guide hub for more help and tips for the game.

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