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Call of Duty: Mobile Zombies - Best Perks and Buffs

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Call of Duty: Mobile’s Zombies mode hosts all the old favourites when it comes to character upgrades and perks. Here’s where to find them and which are the best of the bunch.

From Juggernog to Deadshot, you’ll be able to purchase upgrades for your character in the mobile iteration of Call of Duty’s take on Zombies. They’re much needed too - throughout the later rounds zombies become absolute bullet sponges, and you’ll need all the help you can get.

Call of Duty: Mobile Zombies - Perks and Upgrades

Some perks are more valuable than others, so we’ll walk you through what you need to do in order to get your hands on these buffs.

Where do I find perks and upgrades?

On the map below, the ‘P’ symbols indicate where you’ll be able to find perks. Each one is randomised so you won’t always get what you’re after, but they’re easily visible enormous drinks machines, so you shouldn’t miss them.

The exception to this is Quick Revive, which can always be found in the first room you spawn in.

Upgrades can be found just downstairs from your spawn, visible on the map by the shopping cart icon, as shown below.

What are the best Perks and Upgrades?

You’ll often have enough funds to grab whichever one you want, but ideally you can look for the best and most impactful buffs.

Best Perks

These are the perk-a-cola machines you’ll find at the corner of the map. We’ve ranked them in order of which you should try to prioritise, although none of them impact you negatively.


Juggernog increases your total health from 100 to 250, more then doubling the punishment you can take from the undead. Normally, a couple hits takes you down, but after chugging the jug, you’ll have a whole lot more breathing room. You should survive for longer and have more time to beef up your arsenal if you get your hands on this, as well as getting more damage in on the final boss in raid mode.


Grab yourself a Deadshot Daiquiri and your shots will be far more accurate. Your auto-aim will lock itself onto the heads of enemy zombies, helping you hit those all-important headshots that’ll boost your damage enormously, especially if you’ve been struggling with the higher health zombies.

Double Tap

With this perk, your rate of fire will be boosted. This even works with the likes of shotguns, but you’ll find it extremely helpful with something like an RPD, allowing you to toss an entire magazine at a horde and deal your damage far more quickly.

Speed Cola

Speed Cola boosts your reload speed on all weapons. It works especially well alongside Double Tap, since you’ll be running low on ammo pretty regularly and will be reloading far more often, but you’ll be glad to have it regardless.

Quick Revive

You’ll always find this one in the starting room. It gives you an extra self-revive token and lets you revive teammates faster. You might as well pick it up if you happen to have some spare points, especially after a respawn when you’re shunted back to that same room.


Stamin-up boosts your movement speed, as well as the duration of sprint time. It’s pretty useful when trying to train zombies, especially if you’re a bit out of practice, but you can usually get away without it, especially if you’re packing the extra health from Juggernog.

Electric Cherry

This boost creates a shock wave around you whenever you reload or get downed. It’s a decent crowd control tool, especially if you’re using a gun that needs a lot of reloads, but won’t consistently help you like most of the other perks. Remember, the shock wave is bigger the less ammo you had in your magazine, so you can’t just shoot a single bullet and reload every single time.

Best Upgrades

You can choose three upgrades downstairs at the area where the shopping trolley icon is on the map. Each one costs 200 points to obtain, and can be upgraded for 400, 800, 1600 and 3200 points until it’s level 5. After they’re all fully upgraded, you can upgrade them further, but it gets pretty pricey.

Here’s our ranking of each upgrade from the Buff Store, but remember - they’re all viable!

Up and Up

Up and Up increases your damage dealt by 6% for 3 seconds after killing an enemy. You can stack this 3 times. This’ll come in extremely useful when you’re mowing down the trains of zombies you’ve been building up. You shouldn’t usually be picking off single zombies, so your bonus should be pretty much constant.

Attack Weaknesses

Straight up increases to damage are always helpful. In later rounds, zombies get extremely hard to kill, so buffing your damage output is essential.

Rapid Reload

This upgrade helps you on multiple levels. Firstly, it increases your reload speed, and then it boosts your headshot damage after a reload. Since you’re looking to hit as many headshots as possible, this is a super helpful one, and we’d recommend stacking it up with the other damage buffs available.


When you’re attacked, this ability staggers all enemies within 3 metres of you. Unfortunately, it has a bit of a cooldown, but it can save you when you’re in a dire situation, so is worth picking up for less experienced players.


Breakthrough just boosts your maximum health. Whilst helpful if you find yourself getting hit a lot, it’s far better to grab a Juggernog if you can find one. Of course, that perk isn’t always handy, so you can always buy Breakthrough if you’re desperate.


When you’re attacked, your movement speed increases. Effectively a worse version of Staggers but with a slightly shorter cooldown, the movement speed bonus isn’t nearly enough to get out of a bad situation a lot of the time, and Speed Cola is often a better shout since it’s a permanent upgrade.

That's all for our upgrades guide for Zombies! We've got more help for the mode though, so if you're looking for advice on training zombies or general zombies tips and tricks, we've got your back.

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