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Call of Duty Blackout: Squad tips, tricks and strategy advice

How to work as a team and win more games together.

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Our Call of Duty Blackout Squad tips, tricks and strategy advice page contains a number of pointers which’ll help you and your team earn more wins.

Blackout’s at its very best when you’re playing with a bunch of friends. It’s already a pretty frantic experience with one ally, so add a couple more to the equation and you’ve got almost got a completely different game on your hands.

While it’s a lot of fun, you’ve also got more enemies to contend with and this in turn means more strategies to be wary of. If your aim is to win matches as a squad, you’ll need superior communication and coordination, which is something that might suffer if this isn’t a playlist you frequent often.

To remedy this, we’ve put together a guide that highlights a few key things to think about when you’re playing as a squad. As we’ve briefly mentioned above, you’ll soon notice that there’s a theme of communication running through our tips - it’s really important!

Blackout: Squad Tips and Tricks

Here’s some squad specific tips for Blackout which we hope will help you reach more final circles and secure more victories.

  • Communication is key. Constantly relay information to your teammates about enemy whereabouts and what you’re planning on doing. Where are they headed? Are you committing to a fight? Try and keep communication clear and concise to avoid confusion too. When things are getting feisty, keep the chat to a minimum
  • Remember that shredding an enemy’s health bar to zero will only place them in a down-but-not-out state. They’ll still be able to relay information to their squad, so finish them off as quickly as possible to prevent this from happening.
  • If you’re put in a down-but-not-out-state yourself, then make sure you’re giving as much information to your teammates as possible in case you get eliminated.
  • Share equipment with your squad and if you spot a powerful weapon that you don’t need, call it out so your buddy can grab it!
  • While it’s a great idea to stick together, try not to run around like a big clump. Keeping a little distance between you all means that you won’t get mown down in one big spray, and it also opens up possibilities to take your enemies by surprise.
  • If you’re in a firefight and a number of your allies go down, ensure that you’re safe first before sprinting to try and revive them. It’s almost always a better idea to scout out enemy positions and take them on before rushing to your downed allies.

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  • It’s a given, but be aware that when you’ve taken out an enemy, there will be another lurking nearby!
  • Enemies will be eliminated instantly if they have no other teammates alive. If they go into a down-but-not-out state then you know they’ve got any number of allies scrambling for the revive.
  • When landing, it’s best to target the same area and not split up entirely. This way you can back each other up in the often chaotic first stages of a match.
  • If there are one or two targets that your whole team is aware of, call out which one to burst down and focus all your fire on them. This way you’ll down them in a matter of seconds - this is especially important if they’re wearing armour too!
  • Try and ensure that each member of your team is kitted out nicely so there’s no weak link in the overall chain. This means having a nice combination of weapons, some perks and plenty of healing items between you all.
  • Be careful if you’re all in the same vehicle together, as it leaves you all particularly vulnerable to an ambush or a well-placed rocket to the petrol tank. Keep your wits about you and be prepared to bail out if you spot a group of enemies. Chances are they’ve heard you already and are planning to deal with the threat you represent.

This concludes the first edition of our Blackout squads page, but we'll give it an update once we've got some more hands-on time with the game at launch. Stay tuned!

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