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Call of Duty Blackout: Secrets and Easter Eggs

A growing list of all the secrets in Blackout.

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Our Call of Duty Blackout Secrets and Easter Eggs guide will take you through all the secrets you’ll find scattered around the map.

Although the Blackout map in Call of Duty doesn't feel quite as enormous as the hype would have had us believe, it's still a pretty generous area to play around on. Rather than sheer size for the sake of it, the developers have focused on adding iconic COD character to Blackout's playground.

A generous selection of iconic locations have been artfully blended together to create a world that's every inch a Call of Duty game, with every building and inch of terrain paying homage in some way to COD games gone by. After playing a huge amount of the beta, it's clear that this has been a labour of love.

Because of this attention to detail, it shouldn't surprise you to know that Treyarch has sprinkled plenty of secrets and Easter eggs across the maps. Some are pretty obvious to spot, while others have been carefully tucked away for you to discover.

In this article, we've rounded up all of the secrets that are currently known to the community. As more are discovered, we'll continue updating this article with more insight.

Secret song in Asylum

Head into the zombie-infested Asylum on the eastern side of the map and head to the loos on the second floor (bear with us here...) When you get there, go ahead and flush the toilet three times and head outside to the square in the centre. If you’ve triggered the easter egg, you’ll hear a special song play!

Video by TheRoyalGorilla

Make sure you’ve cleared out the area first, of course, otherwise you might meet a sticky end before you even get to listen!

Nuketown Bunker

Head into Nuketown’s secret bunker and you’ll experience what life would’ve been like for those living there when the bombs dropped. It’s essentially a homage to the Vaults found in the Fallout franchise, with a lounge area, garden and more.

Video by Mr DalekJD

To enter the bunker, you can descend through the main entrance in the garden of the house behind the “Welcome to Nuketown” sign. There are also multiple hatches dotted around the outside of Nuketown which’ll drop you into the Bunker’s network of tunnels.

There’s some great loot in there too. As you can see in the video above, Mr DalekJD finds many weapons and some Level 3 armour too.

There's another clever little twist to Nuketown as well. As you enter the zone, you may notice a sign indicating how many other players are in the area. While not a secret per se, it's a really nice touch that freshens up the usual Battle Royale experience.

Element 115

Element 115 is responsible for the zombies we know, love and fear and you'll find a handful of references to this number across the map.

One is located on a building sign outside the Factory area (“Days since our last accident”), and another can be found on the clocks littered around Nuketown.

If more are discovered, we'll make a note of them here, but keep your eyes peeled for this clever reference!

Mystery Boxes

If you've played the Zombie modes in previous COD games, you'll know the existence of Mystery Boxes. Historically, these have allowed you to bag some random loot for throwing a few credits at it.

The Mystery Box returns in Blackout, but rather than having you contribute coin this is a box that spawns after you've cleared an area of zombies.

When it appears, you've got a good chance of bagging some extremely powerful loot, including the elusive Ray Gun. To find the zombies, you have only to look for the ray of blue light that beams into the sky and indicates the presence of the undead in Blackout.

If you'd like to learn more, take a look at our dedicated page on how to get the Ray Gun in COD Blackout. We've also got a Mystery Box spawns and locations guide which will help you track them down in the first place.

Zombie Loot

Those same zombies also drop some unique loot that you won't be able to find anywhere else in Blackout.

The Zweihander is an exceptionally powerfully weapon that fires from both barrels and is incredibly deadly when used at close-range. This is a pretty common drop to get from the zombies, so even if you don't spawn a Mystery Box it won't be a waste of time.

There's also a utility item called the Cymbal Money. The jury's out on the exact use of this item, but some believe it can be used to attract more zombies to the current area. This will certainly be handy if you're trying to clear out a pack to get the Mystery Box to spawn.

Shadows of Evil boxing gym

Remember the rituals from Black Ops? If you go to the big building between Firing Range and Rivertown, you'll find the gym used for one such ritual inside a big building right by the river.

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Golden Weapons

Get lucky in Blackout and you could find a Golden variant of an existing weapon. Not only are they glossy and golden, they’re also pre-buffed with attachments and enhancements which makes them well worth using.

The significance of golden weapons in Call of Duty stems from the skins you could acquire in the multiplayer if you completed challenges specific to a certain weapon. Tick them all off for your favourite gun and you’ll unlock a special golden skin.

Wolf Painting

In Black Ops 3 a map called Der Eisendrache was added as part of the game's DLC. In it you were able to track down so-called Wonder Weapons, one of which was called the Wolf Bow.

If you make your way to Nuketown Island and head to the underground bunker (detailed further up the page), you'll notice one of the paintings players had to interact with to unlock the weapons.

Blightfather Zombie Boss

Taken from the brand new Call of Duty Black Ops 4 zombie map, simply entitled IX, Treyarch added in a brand new Blightfather boss towards the end of the beta for players to tackle.

On top of being a slight teaser for the terrors that await before release day, it’s also a really tough battle that offers some generous rewards if you can beat it.

Video by PrestigeIsKey

To find the Blightfather, you’ll want to head to the Graveyard near the Asylum. Usually there would be a Mystery Box in this location, marked by a blue beam of light from the sky.

Well, this time around you're looking for a red beam of light indicating that the Blightfather is in the area and ready for a fight.

The Blightfather can shoot homing projectiles from its mouth from range, as well as dig underground and pop up out of nowhere. Manage to take it out though and it’ll drop all kinds of high-level items such as the Paladin Sniper, Trauma Kit, Ray Gun, Level 3 Armour and more.

We’d recommend using the gravestones as cover, keeping your distance, and unloading as much ammunition into the Blightfather as possible. It’s a real bullet-sponge.

Finally, watch out for other players getting involved too, as they certainly won’t be there to do anything but eliminate you and snag the loot for themselves. Stay alert!

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