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Call of Duty Blackout: Mystery Box guide - Spawns and locations

Everything you need to know about Blackout's Mystery Box spawns.

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Our Call of Duty Blackout Mystery Box guide contains on how to locate and spawn the Mystery Box, learn how it works, and find out what it might contain.

Call of Duty is one of the biggest gaming franchises on the planet, and the upcoming Blackout mode draws inspiration from across the series' extensive history. One of those inspirations are the zombies that were first introduced with COD: World at War, and they can found right across the Battle Royale map.

If you manage to track down these undead nightmares while wandering acros the map, you may even bag yourself a Mystery Box. If you're not familiar with these items, they were found in zombie maps from COD games gone by, and act as a vending machine that provides randomised rewards.

Things are a little different this time around in Blackout as you don't have to throw any money at the system. There's still the generous collection of high-quality loot to unlock, however, and so they're well worth digging around for.

In this article, we've explained what exactly you need to do to spawn these Mystery Boxes, and given some insight into what to expect when you open them up!

What is the Mystery Box?

The Mystery Box has its origins in Call of Duty’s previous zombie modes, where players can exchange the in-game currency they’ve accrued in the hopes of having the box spit out a powerful weapon.

In Blackout it’s effectively the same affair, except this time you won’t - or can’t - offer any in-game currency to it, and it'll instead simply gift you a weapon or item. Although your chances may be slim, it can also offer up some of the rarest weapons in the game such as the Galil or MP-40.

Where can I find the Mystery Box?

The Mystery Box can spawn in a number of locations across the map and it’s marked by a blue column of light. If you spot a blue beam of light in the sky, it means that zombies have begun spawning in the area. Manage to kill all the zombies in the region and the Mystery Box will spawn nearby.

While all of this is subject to change when the game releases on 12th October, here’s a list of locations where you’re likely to encounter zombies and the Mystery Box:

  • Graveyard - South-East of the Asylum is an open graveyard that’s home to zombies. It’s surprisingly cramped for an open space, so watch your back as zombies can do a serious amount of damage if you let them get too close. Eliminate them all and the Mystery Box will spawn right in the centre of this location.
  • Inside the Asylum - Zombies spawn inside this winding abandoned mansion and you’ll find the Mystery Box on the second floor.
  • Anvil Boxing Gym - A quaint little boxing gym infested with zombies. Clear them out and you’ll find the Mystery Box in the ring itself.
  • West of Array - Zombies will start spawning outside and begin piling into the Tranzit Diner. Take them out, climb the ladder and you’ll find the Mystery Box on top of the building.
  • Lighthouse - Right on the southwestern tip of the map is a Lighthouse where you’ll find a serious amount of zombies. Be patient when clearing them out and make sure you’re certain that an enemy isn’t lurking around as well. The Mystery Box spawns on the stairs leading up to the top of the Lighthouse itself. As it’s located on the edge of the island, watch the circle and timer too!

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What can I get from the Mystery Box?

This is pretty easy to answer, and it's just about anything and everything. Players have reported getting hold of assault rifles, pistols, armour, healing items and grenades. It seems that the Mystery Box knows no bounds when it comes to gifting you handy things.

There are some further upsides to clearing both the zombies and unlocking the Mystery Box itself. Zombies have a chance of dropping some of the rarest weapons in the game, including the Ray Gun, MP-40 and Galil.

The Cymbal Monkey's another drop which is unique to zombies and the Mystery Box. Chuck this on the ground and it'll attract zombies to the area, either to cause some trouble for your opponents, or so that you can go about clearing them yourself for more loot.

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