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Call of Duty Blackout: How to land faster

How to get on the ground ahead of the competition.

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Our Call of Duty Blackout landing guide explains how to land faster in the game and get on the ground running before anyone else.

The ultimate goal in COD Blackout is to defeat all the competition in your way and emerge the last person standing. While you can get there by cowering in a corner of a building, or peering out from the cover of a bush, you stand a much better chance by getting stuck in and gearing up quickly.

Unlike most of COD Black Ops 4's game modes, in Blackout you haven't got the luxury of respawning. This means that you'll want to take as many advantages as you can get to increase your chances of survival.

One way you get ahead of the competition right off the bat is making sure you're landing before anyone else. This way you'll have more time to get kitted out with weapons, armour and perks while your enemies are still coming in for landing.

Trouble is, Blackout doesn't give you a tutorial on how to master your Wingsuit, so it can be difficult knowing what the most effective method of landing quickly is. We thought we'd perfected the technique once, but were proven wrong when a bunch of enemies landed well before us...

Well it turns out the community has already figured out how to land faster with the wingsuit, and we’ve outlined below how to soar through the air much quicker than the competition, so you can get to all the juicy loot first.

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COD Blackout: How to land faster

  • When you’re in the helicopter you’ll need to bring up the map and figure out where the flight path is heading. This is represented by a stripy line.
  • Next, you’ll need to commit to landing at a location. Once you’ve done so, mark it down on your map.
  • When you’ve decided on your spot, you’ll want to drop from the helicopter a fair distance away (around 2-3 blocks).
  • As soon as you’ve started descending, make sure you begin plummeting to the earth in a nosedive and keep an eye on the bar at the right side of your screen. This bar indicates how fast you’re going and also how close you are to hitting the ground.
  • Once you’ve reached around 70 m/s, begin pulling upwards so you open your wingsuit and begin gliding in the air. Start flying towards your location at lightspeed!

All of this info comes courtesy of CSN_Grey who’s put together the brilliant video guide above which we’d recommend watching as it’ll give you a better idea of how this method works.

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