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Call of Duty Blackout: Guns list

A list of all the guns available in COD: Blackout.

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Our Call of Duty Blackout Guns list page outlines every weapon confirmed for Black Ops 4, including assault rifles, sniper rifles, SMGs, pistols and more.

Call of Duty Black Ops 4's Blackout mode brings a whole new Battle Royale dimension to COD, and one that actually takes some getting used to. It's a slower pace but one that's filled with nail-biting tension and an encroaching circle that forces everyone to face off in the final throngs of a match. It's also safe to say that this is the most polished FPS Battle Royale of them all, which becomes especially apparent if you've sunk many hours into PUBG...

Call of Duty's main strength has always been its shooting mechanics. There's nothing quite like the weighty, responsive feel of weapons in hand, and the crystal clear feedback you get when landing hits on enemies. Naturally, COD Blackout's arsenal is vast and not only contains all the weapons featured in Black Ops 4's multiplayer modes, but also weapons spanning the entirety of the franchise. Yes, even the Ray Gun is obtainable.

You can learn a lot more about the mode over at our core Call of Duty Blackout guide, but in this article we wanted to highlighted all of the guns featured in Blackout so you can get a better idea of how they all function when the trigger's pulled.

Without further ado then, here's our guide to every weapon in Call of Duty Blackout!

Editor's Note: In the coming weeks and months, we fully expect Blackout to get some all new guns for us to play around with. With this in mind, we'll be sure to update this page with the latest weapons as soon as they arrive - stay tuned for all the latest!

COD Blackout: Assault Rifle List

Assault Rifles are always a solid option, as they typically provide power when fighting in both close and long-range scenarios.

There's a good chance you'll want at least one of these in your backpack when playing the Blackout mode of Call of Duty - you never know what kind of trouble you're about to wander into, after all...

  • ICR-7: This is an assault rifle which deals out a decent amount of damage and has a moderate rate of fire. Not the deadliest weapon in the list, but certainly one that will prove easy to use for the newcomer. If you've made use of the ACR and ICR in previous COD games, you should be very familiar with how this rifle works.
  • Rampart-17: The next assault rifle in our list dishes out much more damage than the first entry, albeit at the expense of a much slower rate of fire. Newcomers may also struggle with the recoil penalty of this weapon, but for those with a sharp aim this could well prove to be the pick of the bunch.
  • Vapr-XKG: If that recoil is really getting you down, you might want to prioritise picking up the Vapr-XKG instead. In general this feels very much like a cross between an assault rifle and an SMG.
  • Maddox RFB: Strong, reliable and easy to use. One of the best assault rifles you can get in the game.
  • KN-57: A well-balanced rifle with vertical recoil, decent damage and a generous iron sight.
  • Grav: We've not found this ourselves yet, but it's a returning classic that handled exceptionally well back in the day. Manage to get hold of one and you're likely in for a treat.

COD Blackout: Sniper Rifle List

For those of you who prefer to pick a nice spot on a mountaintop and punish other players from afar, look no further than the sniper rifle category of firearms.

Here are all of the guns in this class that we're currently aware of:

  • Paladin HB50: This is a bolt-action sniper rifle that delivers a massive amount of damage. You pay a price for this devastating output, however, and it's in the form of a slow rate of fire, as well as a much slower aim-down-sights animation.
  • Koshka: Although you'll do less damage with this sniper rifle than the previous one, the good news is that the aim-down-sights animation is much quicker. This will be favoured by those who like to stay on the move and react quickly to potential targets whenever they pop into view.
  • SDM: Feels like more of a DMR than a sniper with it's semi-automatic fire rate. With this in mind, it's not as powerful per shot when compared to its bolt action counterparts, but it's great for peppering vehicles and squads.
  • Outlaw: This has the highest fire rate of all the bolt action snipers, and still retains decent damage too. It's reload speed actually makes it a great mid-range rifle with huge stopping power if you've got the aim to back it up.

COD Blackout: Submachine Gun List

Submachine Guns are best utilised when you're at close proximity with your target, and you need to fire away without aiming down sights.

These weapons are great when you find yourself inside a building with an enemy or two scuttling about the place.

  • Cordite: The Cordite is one of those weapons that doesn't excel in any one regard, but is an excellent all-rounder.
  • MX9: Although the damage dealt isn't as impressive as you'll find elsewhere, the MX9 has an extremely fast rate of fire, and if you can handle the recoil it's shaping up to be one of the hottest weapons in the game.
  • Saug-9mm: This is your classic spray and pray weapon for terrorising anyone daft enough to get too close to you. Excellent handling as well for the weapon type.
  • MP-40: A classic returns for the Blackout mode and it proves to be just as effective in Battle Royale as it is in a deathmatch. It's the complete SMG package in terms of handling and damage, so make sure you nab one if you stumble across the opportunity.
  • Spitfire: An insane fire rate makes this a brilliant choice for close-range encounters.
  • GKS: Reminds us more of an assault rifle than an SMG, but this thing is just wonderful to shoot. It's got a nice ironsight, decent fire rate and barely any recoil.

COD Blackout: Shotgun List

For the ultimate in up-close combat advantage, look no further than the trusty Shotgun class of weaponry.

You're not going to want to make use of these at range, but in a close encounter the guy packing a shotty usually comes out on top.

  • MOG 12: The MOG 12 requires a couple of solid shots to guarantee a kill. Not the ideal situation for this category of weapons really, but we'll hopefully see a few more options in a future update from Treyarch.
  • SG12: Automatic shotgun goodness. Less powerful per shot than the MOG 12 but capable of rattling off a succession of blasts in an instant, making it more lenient for those who aren't as confident with their aim.

COD Blackout: Launcher List

If you want to make a really big impact on the battlefield, look no further than the collection of launchers which will feature in COD Blackout.

  • Hellion Salvo: The first rocket launcher to be shown off by Treyarch allows you to either lock-on to your target of choice, or fire freely depending on your preference. Those who have played around with it believe it offers particularly impactful power when used from a position of relative height.
  • War Machine: An extremely rare grenade launcher that you'll only find in Supply Crates. Fantastic at clearing out enemies from cover, demolishing vehicles and flushing out rooms.

COD Blackout: Tactical Rifles

Tactical Rifles are, in effect, the non-automatic versions of the Assault Rifle category. Here's what you can expect from them, with more detail to be added as it's confirmed by Treyarch:

  • Auger DMR: A handful of shots are all that should be required to take down your current target with this weapon. Although the damage stats are impressive, it's not exactly zippy to fire and so when you commit with this, commit.
  • Swordfish: This Tactical Rifle fires in bursts of four rounds, but the damage isn't that impressive and it also has a very slow rate of fire. It is at least more accurate overall than the Auger DMR.
  • ABR 223: This weapon can only be described as a laser beam that fires 3 round bursts. It's easy to handle, powerful and well worth seeking out!
  • Essex Model 07: A semi-auto level-action rifle that harkens back to the old days of COD, but still has the same punch. If you miss a shot you'll pay for it, but manage to land a couple of hits and your opponents will be left reeling.

COD Blackout: Pistols List

Everyone should pack a pistol in their backpocket, as it provides a rapid fire emergency option when you need to rattle down an opponent fast, while maintaining mobility at the same time.

Here are all of the weapons in this category that have been revealed for Black Ops 4 so far:

  • Strife: You'll need to rattle off half a dozen or so shots to eliminate your opponent, but the Strife sidearm is a pretty solid option that has an average rate of fire as well.
  • Mozu: Blackout's only revolver and one that's capable of some devastating one-taps if you manage to land a shot to the opponent's dome. It's unforgiving to those who are prone to whiffing a shot or two, but if you're confident in your aim then this thing is surprisingly strong.
  • RK 7 Garrison: Fires off a three round burst with every trigger pull, making it the most dependable sidearm in the game. Doesn't sacrifice on stability either.
  • Ray Gun: Obtainable via zombies in the Asylum area, this pistol is just as powerful as it is in the traditional zombies mode. Land a shot on an enemy and you've got a chance at insta-killing them!

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COD Blackout: Light Machine Gun List

Big, bulky and capable of dealing devastating amounts of damage in one huge clip. Light Machine Guns are the weapon of choice if you're aiming to destroy vehicles or unload on a whole group of opponents without even bothering to reload.

  • Titan: This light machine gun has an impressive magazine size of 60 and doesn't exactly disappointment in the damage department either.
  • Zweihander: More of a pseudo-LMG than anything, this weapon can devastate enemies both up close and at mid range.
  • Hades: Incredibly fast fire rate makes this a great health bar shredder, but a hard beast to tame.
  • VKM 750: Perhaps the most LMG-like of them all, this thing is bulky, slow-firing and is hard to control when rattling off shots. Learn to manage the recoil and you'll find that it's also the most hard-hitting. This thing packs a huge punch.

COD Blackout: Grenades List

Grenades are always a solid option for delivering a bit of upfront damage before going in to finish off your prey. The following grenades have all been confirmed for Black Ops 4, and will presumably be available to loot in Blackout as well.

  • Molotov: When this grenade lands it'll explode on impact and also ignite the local vicinity. Good for flushing out your opponents.
  • Frag Grenade: The good old Frag Grenade does a fantastic job of landing an impressive amount of damage very quickly. A staple part of anyone's arsenal.
  • Concussion Grenade: When this sucker hits your target they'll be temporarily stunned and then slowed, granting you a much easier opportunity to finish off the job.
  • Cluster Grenade: Chuck this on the ground and after it explodes, it'll splinter into a tiny set of grenades which will, well, explode again.
  • Combat Axe: A throwable axe that will insta-kill if it lands on target. Miss? You can pluck it out of ground and reuse it again.
  • Monkey: One of those creepy clapping monkeys originally found in COD's zombies mode. Throw these on the ground and it'll attract a swarm of zombies to the area.

COD Blackout: Healing Items

There is a total of three healing items in Blackout, each topping up your health in different ways. Here's a complete breakdown of them all:

  • First Aid - Resembles toilet roll and heals for 25HP a pop. Don't be afraid to pick up a whole bunch of them as they'll always come in handy.
  • Med Kit - Use a Med Kit and it'll heal you for a tidy 50HP, a good boost to your health bar if you aren't looking too healthy.
  • Trauma Kit - The beefiest healing item in the game and one that'll heal you to maximum no matter how much damage you've sustained. If you use this item at max health, you'll receive an additional 50HP which acts as a nice buffer if you do get caught by a stray bullet or two.

That concludes the second edition of our page dedicated to the Call of Duty Blackout weapons list.

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