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Call of Duty Blackout: Dark Ops Challenges guide

Every Dark Ops challenge we know of so far, with insight into completing them all.

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Our Call of Duty Dark Ops Challenges guide contains a list of all known Dark Ops Challenges currently in the game and will be updated over time.

In addition to Blackout’s host of normal challenges, Black Ops 4 is also home to special Dark Ops challenges that only unlock when you complete them. They cover all three modes in the game, Multiplayer, Blackout and Zombies, with almost every single one requiring some pretty elusive objective.

It’s not been long since Black Ops 4’s release, so many of these Dark Ops challenges are still being discovered. However, we’ve put together a guide that contains all of the objectives that have been unearthed by the community so far, and we’ll continue adding to it as time goes by.

While Dark Ops objectives don’t contribute to your challenge completion total, they do reward you with Merits or EXP, and unique Calling Cards that you can't get anywhere else.

Dark Ops Challenges List

UPDATE - 23rd October 2018: Added many more Dark Ops challenges to the list!

Just a quick note to say that these challenges are split across all three modes in Black Ops 4: Multiplayer, Blackout and Zombies. We've marked them all accordingly: MP, BO and ZO.

Chain Killer (MP)Get a Kill Chain (killed more than 7 players rapidly)
Frenzy Killer (MP)Get a Frenzy Kill medal (killed more than 5 players rapidly)
Get Outta Here (MP)Get a Shutdown medal by killing an enemy that has activated Grav Slam while they are still in the air after using the Grapple Gun
Mega Killer (MP)Get a Mega Kill medal (6 rapid kills) without using scorestreak rewards
Ultra Killer (MP)Get an Ultra kill medal (7 rapid kills) without using scorestreak rewards
Nuclear Killer (MP)Earn a Nuclear medal (30 killstreak) without using scorestreak rewards
Nuked Out (MP)Earn a Nuclear medal (30 killstreak) in FFA without using scorestreak rewards
Obtained (MP)Win a Team Deathmatch, Free For All, Heist or Search and Destroy game and have the most EKIA and least deaths of all players in the game
Relentless (MP)Earn 10 x Relentless medals (20 killstreak) without using scorestreak rewards
Shrug It Off (MP)Survive a direct hit from an enemy RC-XD and kill the enemy who was driving it in the same life
Gemmed Out (MP)Activate the highest tier of Dark Matter Camo (30 killstreak) with every primary weapon
From the Depths (MP)Get 25 kills against enemies that are on land when you are shooting at them from underwater with a primary or secondary weapon
Fire With Fire (MP)Kill an enemy that is using the Purifier with a Molotov

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Practice Makes Perfect (BO)Shoot a bullseye at the Firing Range from 90 meters
Respect Your Elders (BO)Go to Tanbor Fudgley's monument in Rivertown. Press [square] and your character will automatically bow (Credit goes to Yeti Zimmy)
Open The Blast Doors (BO)Open the Blast Doors at Fracking Tower
Red Light, Green Light (BO)Loot an underwater supply stash at Cargo Dock.
Fist Fighter (BO)Kill an enemy using only your fists
Baller (BO)Shoot a Basket
Stay Tuned (BO)Activate the emergency broadcast signal in Array (thanks ukzmarc for the tipoff)
Back in the Ground (ZO)Kill 100 Zombies
Zombie Jams (ZO)Activate the Jukebox at the Diner
Dodgy Devil (ZO)Get to round 20 on Classified without being hit
Perk Maestro (ZO)Activate every perk modifier
Put to the Quest (ZO)Complete all three main Easter Eggs
Sands of Time (ZO)Complete the main quest on IX in under 100 minutes
Sea Legs (ZO)Complete the main quest on Voyage of Despair with no downs

Video by Drift0r

That's all the Dark Ops challenges we're aware of so far, but if you've discovered one which you'd like to share, please do let us know in the comments so we can include it.

Black Ops 4 is also home to even more challenges, so make sure you head on over to our Call of Duty Blackout: Challenges list page for a comprehensive breakdown of them all!

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