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Call of Duty Blackout: Best landing spots and loot spots

How to get off to the best possible start in COD: Blackout.

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In this COD Blackout guide you'll find the best landing and loot spots uncovered in the game so far, with more updates to come as we approach launch.

Just like in every other Battle Royale game, from PUBG to Fortnite, in COD Blackout it's essential that you choose a great landing spot as part of your planning. If you've a sharp aim and don't mind an early fight, you can go to a popular spot, get some kills and gain an overall loot advantage. If you're a little more cautious, you got to a quieter location.

In general, looting works a little differently in COD Blackout. There's no equipment rarity system, so you're not really encouraged to keep exploring, looting and hoovering up - potentially - more powerful versions of your current equipment. You can choose to play the hide and seek game in Fortnite and get to the end-game, but the rest of the pack are likely packing a deadlier arsenal than you.

This appears to be a lot less of a concern in COD Blackout, however, where the gearing up process is less urgent and relevant to the end-game. With that said though, there are already some early impressions about the best landing spots in COD Blackout that are worth keeping in mind.

Here are some thoughts on how to approach you starting position in the game.

- You can be pretty sure of being able to nab the basics at just about any location on the COD Blackout map. Explore for long enough and take down players and you're unlikely to struggle to find a solid assault rifle, an SMG, and some shields. If you're more interested in getting tooled up, you should probably head for the quieter parts of the map.

- Many members of the community are finding Construction Site a good starting point. Although there are other equivalents in terms of quantity and quality of loot, this area provides a lot of high-ground advantage. Once tooled up, it's pretty easy to survive into the final stages, as long as you're free to remain there.

- As a central location that helps you manage the storm circle, Rivertown is proving popular as there's lots of buildings to loot - and use as cover while you try to dodge the rest of the pack. Once you're down hoovering up loot here, you can make use of the nearby Firing Range to grab even more items and upgrades.

- If you're looking for both loot and engagements, then players have started to congregate towards Nuketown, Fracking Tower and Firing Range. Here you'll get your loot, but you can expect to go up against a great deal of competition as you do so - given the lack of a rarity system though, you're not really motivated to chomp through enemies if you want to win.

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- Nuketown Island has underground bunkers that contain a decent amount of loot. Not only that but it also features a sign that indicates how many players are actually in the zone. If you get there and the coast is clear, you'll be able to bag a generous amount of loot. Just keep in mind that the visitor tally may well increase while you're pre-occupied with gearing up.

- As a further note on Nuketown, you may also find a helicopter towards the western coast of the island. This could prove very handy when it comes to getting geared up and then making your escape to somewhere just a little less dangerous.

- The Lighthouse is an interesting choice of landing spot. It's far away from other areas of the map which means it's less likely to be popular, but you do need to be extremely mindful of the circle closing in and shutting you out of the playable area. Head to the top of the lighthouse itself for the best loot.

- If you're planning to go big on zombies, one of the best starting areas you can pick is Asylum. There's a lot of loot to be had in the maze and the buildings, but you're really after the zombies who pack unique weaponry and can cause Mystery Boxes to spawn. If you're really lucky, you might even get the Ray Gun.

That's the end of the second edition of our guide to the best landing spots in COD Blackout. Hopefully the loot system will be tweaked between now and the game's full launch, so we have some more interesting options to think about.

As things change we'll expand on this guide considerably, and would love to hear your own thoughts in the comments.

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