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Valve releases trailer for Artifact, the new Dota-themed card game

The vaguest of teases alongside the announcement.

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As part of the game's announcement yesterday, Valve released a teaser trailer for the new Dota-themed game.

Truth be told there's not a huge amount of information to be gleaned from watching this, but for the sake of having all of the coverage up on the site, we thought we'd give it its own spot!

Here's the trailer in full:

As you can see, we get a little light theming, a logo, a release date of 2018, but that's about it we're sorry to say. Still, we expect to hear a lot more about Artifact in the coming months, and we'll bring you every last scrap of information as and when its announced.

What do you think about Artifact? Are you excited about the prospects of a card-based Dota, or would you have preferred the publisher turned their attention to a completely new IP. Perhaps there's a certain game story you feel needs wrapping up first...

Let us know what you think in the comments!

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