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Artifact: Release time - US, UK & Europe (PDT, BST, CEST)

When you can expect Artifact to launch, wherever you are in the world.

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Our Artifact release time page contains launch details for the US, UK and European timezones, with times for other regions of the world as well.

Artifact’s just on the horizon and it’s due to be released in only a couple of days from now. When it’s launched, everyone will be able to construct decks, fire them off into three different lanes and attempt to destroy their opponent’s towers and the ancients they protect.

When does Artifact actually release though? Thankfully we've been given a tentative release time from the Artifact devs themselves, so we know when it's most likely to land in your launcher on the day.

Artifact is scheduled to release pretty late in the evening for those of us in the UK, but those of you in other parts of the world will be able to get playing first thing in the morning. To make things clear for wherever you're based, we've broken down the release times for Artifact just below.

Artifact Launch Times

An official release time was announced on Artifact’s twitter which we’ve linked here:

So, it seems the game is scheduled to arrive between 1PM and 2PM PST on Wednesday. We’re going to take this time with a pinch of salt and go with 2PM, as we’re probably all aware by now - delays are pretty likely.

If you’re not based in the US, fret not. We’ve put together a table based on a 1PM- 2PM PST release which should help you out.

EuropeAmericasAsia / Pacific
22:00pm - 23:00pm BST13:00pm - 14:00pm PST05:00am - 06:00am SGT
23:00pm - 00:00am CEST14:00pm - 15:00pm MDT06:00am - 07:00am JST
00:00am - 01:00am MSK15:00pm - 16:00pm CDT06:00am - 07:00am KST
16:00pm - 17:00pm ET15:00pm - 16:00pm CST
18:00pm - 19:00pm ADT07:00am - 08:00am AEST
18:00pm - 19:00pm BRT09:00am - 10:00am NZST

If you want to get up to speed on everything Artifact, we’ve linked some of our most popular coverage just below. A glance at all of these links should help you get thoroughly acquainted with this complex card game, so it’s well worth opening up a few extra tabs.

We'd highly recommend checking out our core Artifact guide first as it'll give you a clear overview of the game and its mechanics.

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