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Artifact: Item Shop guide and Item list

How the shopping phase works in Artifacts, with a list of items available

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Our Artifact Item Shop guide contains a list of all items in the game, and explains how the Shopping Phase works in Artifact.

Artifact is due to enter a slightly more open beta phase next week, and ahead of the full launch at the end of November. We've been busy providing starter guides for all the key areas of the game, and in our next article we're taking a look at the Item Shop.

When you create a deck in Artifact, you're able to include a collection of equippable items along with the rest of your cards. Once both players have worked through all three board “lanes” in the game, they get to spend some of the gold they've earned killing creeps and heroes on a random selection of these items - and others.

That's the system in very simple terms, but as with all things in Artifact the complexity lies in the fine details. In this guide, we've broken down everything we currently know about how Artifact's Item Shop works, so you have a clear grounding in what to expect.

This article is very much a work in progress at this stage. Once Artifact enters beta we'll be expanding on our guide considerably, with tips on what to prioritise when browsing the Item Shop.

If you're completely new to the game we strongly recommend looking at our core Artifact guide. It explains key gameplay mechanics and will help you access all of our Artifact content

Item Shop Overview

Here's a clear, step by step explanation of how the Item Shop functions in Artifact:

  • During each Shopping Phase - which takes place after all three boards (or "lanes") have been processed - you'll be presented with three panels containing items from the shop.
  • The panel to the right will always contain one of a handful of items that the devs always want players to have access to.
  • The middle panel will always feature one of the items you've included in your deck. You need to include a minimum of 9 such cards when crafting your Artifact deck.
  • When you purchase something from this middle panel, it'll be replaced with a new option immediately. This means buying from the middle panel should be your priority when making multiple purchases.
  • The remaining left-hand panel is called the Secret Shop, and can potentially contain any items from across the item list.
  • This panel is designed to highlight game-changing items that players were unlikely to build their deck around. In this sense it provides an element of excitement that might just solve an unexpected problem presented by your opponent's strategy.

Item Shop Equipment List

Here are all of the items that exist in Artifact, and that can potentially be added to your deck if the options arise.

If you find any of the terms contained in this list confusing, take a look at our Artifact Glossary which explains all the keywords, terms and mechanics in the game.

Healing SalveHeal a unit 6
Leather ArmorEquipped hero has +1 Armor
Short SwordEquipped hero has +2 Attack
Town Portal ScrollReturn an allied hero to the Fountain
Traveler's CloakEquipped hero has +4 Health
Fountain FlaskFully heal a unit
Revtel Signet RingEquipped hero has +4 Health and -3 Bounty
Ristul EmblemEquipped hero has +4 Health and -2 Armor. The unit blocking equipped hero has -2 Armor
Demagicking MaulEquipped hero has +2 Attack. Active (1): Condemn a random enemy improvement. May only be used if equipped hero is unblocked
Potion of KnowledgeDraw a card
Stonehall CloakEquipped hero has +4 Health. Modify Stonehall Cloak with “Equipped hero has +2 Health” after the combat phase
Assassin's VeilEquipped hero has +4 Health. Active (2): Choose a combat target for equipped hero
Barbed MailEquipped hero has +1 Armor and +2 Retaliate
Phase BootsEquipped hero has +4 Health. Active (2): Swap equipped hero with another ally
Stonehall PikeEquipped hero has +2 Attack. Modify Stonehall Pike with “Equipped hero has +1 Attack” after the combat phase
Stonehall PlateEquipped hero has +1 Armor. Modify Stonehall Plate with “Equipped hero has +1 Armor” after the combat phase
Blade of the VigilEquipped hero has +2 Attack and +2 Cleave
Blink DaggerEquipped hero has +2 Attack. Active (2): Move equipped hero to another lane
BroadswordEquipped hero has +4 Attack
ChainmailEquipped hero has +2 Armor
Fur-lined MantleEquipped hero has +8 Health
Jasper DaggersEquipped hero has +2 Attack and Pierce
Keenfolk MusketEquipped hero has +2 Attack. Active (2): Deal 2 damage to a unit
Bracers of SacrificeEquipped hero has +2 Armor. Active (1): Deal 6 damage to equipped hero's enemy neighbors and condemn equipped hero
Keenfolk PlateEquipped hero has +1 Armor. Equipped hero has +1 Armor for each of its attackers
Poaching KnifeEquipped hero has +2 Attack. Get 5 gold after an enemy hero dies. Get 1 gold after an enemy creep dies
Shield of BasiliusEquipped hero has +2 Armor. Equipped hero's allied neighbors have +1 Armor.
Golden TicketGet a random item from the Secret Shop
Rumusque VestmentsEquipped hero has +1 Armor. Active (2): Heal a unit 4
Shield of BasiliusEquipped hero has +2 Armor. Equipped hero's allied neighbors have +1 Armor.
Book of the DeadEquipped hero has +4 Health. Add a charge to Book of the Dead after an allied Melee Creep dies. Active (2): Summon a Zombie for each charge and remove all charges
Claszureme HourglassEquipped hero has +4 Health. Whenever opponent draws a card, give that card +1 Lock if equipped hero is in any lane
Obliterating OrbCondemn an improvement
Red Mist MaulEquipped hero has +2 Attack and +5 Siege
Shield of AquilaEquipped hero has +2 Armor. Equipped hero's allied neighbors have +3 Armor
Ring of TarrasqueEquipped hero has +4 Health and +6 Regeneration
Cloak of Endless CarnageEquipped hero has +8 Health. Draw a card after an allied neighbor of equipped hero dies
Seraphim ShieldEquipped hero has +2 Armor. All units have -2 Attack
ClaymoreEquipped hero has +8 Attack
Hero's CapeEquipped hero has +16 Health
PlatemailEquipped hero has +4 Armor
Shiva's GuardEquipped hero has +2 Armor. Active (2): Modify a unit and its allied neighbors with -2 Attack
Helm of the DominatorEquipped hero has +3 Armor. Active (2): Get control of an enemy creep
Vesture of the TyrantEquipped hero has +4 Armor and Rapid Deployment. Your tower has +3 Armor
Wingfall HammerEquipped hero has +4 Attack. Active (1): Give equipped hero and its allied neighbors +x Regeneration this round where X is half its Attack
Shop DeedEach item in your Secret Shop costs X less gold, where X is equal to its base cost
Apotheosis BladeEquipped hero has +8 Attack and +4 Siege. Condemn each unit equipped hero deals battle damage to. Active (1): Condemn enemy improvements. Condemn each item equipped by the unit blocking equipped hero.
Horn of the AlphaEquipped hero has +4 Health. Active (2): Summon a Thunderhide Pack
Nyctasha's GuardEquipped hero has +1 Armor. Active (1): Move equipped hero's enemy neighbors to random other lanes.

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