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Artifact: Gold guide

How Gold works in Valve's Dota-inspired card game.

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Our Artifact Gold guide explains how to get more Gold in the game, and how you can spend it to get a strategic advantage.

Gold is a vital resource in Artifact, and accumulating it in sufficient quantities will allow you to make potentially game-changing purchases during the buy phase that occurs at the end of each round.

For the uninitiated, gameplay in Artifact takes place across three boards which represent the top, middle and bottom lanes of a game of Dota 2. Once play on the third board has concluded, players get to buy special items from the shop before play cycles back to the "top lane" once more.

In this guide we've outlined everything you need to know about Gold in Artifact, from obtaining it to what you can spend your ill-gotten gains on. Expect many updates to this article once the game enters beta, which is expected to begin at some point in October.

How to get Gold in Artifact

There are two methods for generating Gold in Artifact

  • Killing Heroes - Killing an opponent's hero will rewards you with a total of 5 Gold
  • Killing Creatures - Each time you kill an opponent's creature, you'll receive 1 Gold.

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How do I get more Gold in Artifact?

There are a number of cards in Artifact that interact with Gold in a specific manner. Some of these improvement your acquisition rate of Gold, while others interact directly with your Gold pool.

Here's an overview of each one that's been confirmed so far:

Iron Fog GoldmineBlack3 ManaGet 3 Gold after the combat phase.
Mercenary ExilesRed3 ManaSpend all of your Gold. Modify Mercenary Exiles with +X Attack and +X Health where X is half the gold spent.
PaydayBlack3 ManaDouble your Gold
Poaching KnifeN/A8 GoldEquipped hero has +2 Attack. Get 5 Gold after an enemy hero dies. Get 1 Gold after an enemy creep dies
RavenhookBlackN/ARepossess - Condemn a random item equipped by the unit blocking Ravenhook. Get Gold equal to the base cost of that item.
Revtel ConvoyGreen5 ManaRevtel Convoy has +X Attack, where X is equal to half your Gold
Revtel InvestmentsBlack3 ManaActive 1: Get 4 Gold for each charge
Shop DeedN/A22 GoldEach item in your Secret Shop costs X less Gold, where X is equal to its base cost
Wrath of GoldBlue3 ManaSpend all your Gold. Repeat one time for each Gold spent. Deal 4 damage to a random ally or enemy.

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