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How to ‘quietly leave’ your friend’s island on Animal Crossing: New Horizons probably shouldn't, though.

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When you’re visiting a friend, you might feel like leaving without all the time-consuming fanfare. That’s where ‘quietly leaving’ comes in.

It takes a long ol’ time to get the hell out of a friend’s town. Sometimes you just want to go home without having to talk to a dodo. Here’s how.

How to ‘quietly leave’ a friend’s town

Quietly leaving an island is a quick way to get out without having to deal with all the faff of the plane ride home. It’s not the ideal way to leave, but if you really have to, putting your Switch onto sleep mode or disconnecting from the internet will do it.

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Why you probably shouldn’t quietly leave

The reason it takes so bloody long to leave an island, and forces everyone else to stop what they’re doing and watch, is to make sure the game saves properly. You might’ve chopped a bunch of wood or stolen a pile of your friend’s fossils - you won’t be best pleased to lose out on all your progress.

Leaving quietly puts you, and everyone else on the island, at risk of losing all progress. We’d recommend not doing that, and if you’re on a huge island of 8 people, the host can press the ‘-’ button and select ‘end session’ to get rid of everyone nice and quickly whilst not losing all their data.

Basically, there are other ways to get out of a town without losing progress, so we’d recommend avoiding this if at all possible.

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