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How to find pearls in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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Pearls aren't common in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but you need them to craft Mermaid furniture, so you'll want to look hard.

People looking to craft the Mermaid furniture bundle are in a rough spot at the moment. You need pearls, along with shells, to craft the furniture set, so all you wannabe sea sirens will need to get on the grind. Thankfully, we have some handy tips if you're struggling to find them.

How to find pearls in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The rare gemstone won't come easy, even with these tips. You'll have to grit your teeth and go through with it. Thankfully though, thanks to reddit user u/acnhlittlebear, we know what to look out for.

Don't bother diving at bubbles unless they're sparse and straight. We're talking a couple bubbles a second, nothing more.

When diving, if your target moves, it won't be a pearl. Pearls are always stationary, so don't bother otherwise.

Finally, the shadow needs to be small. If all these categories are fulfilled, you have a chance of finding a pearl.

This isn't completely foolproof though. In making this guide, we spent hours looking and found pockets full of Sea Grapes, since they fulfil the same categories as Pearls. It's easy to mix up Acorn Barnacles here too, since they're also super small and don't move.

Keep up the search and you'll eventually find enough pearls though! It's a grind, but that Mermaid furniture is so pretty, right? You need 20 pearls to complete the Mermaid set, so don't give up!

Now you're a mermaid master, check out some more of our Animal Crossing guides! We have tips on how to catch fast sea creatures, as well as advice on how to kick out unwanted neighbours in Animal Crossing.

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