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Animal Crossing: New Horizons - How to get a ladder

You're already on the property ladder to be fair.

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You’ll need a ladder to explore the entirety of your island. Here’s how to unlock it.

A lot of your island will be covered in cliffs, raised areas you’ll be unable to access early on. There, you’ll find more trees, rocks, and all sorts of pretty flowers. So how do you get that elusive ladder?

How to get a ladder in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Firstly, the easiest way to get a ladder is to get one from a friend who’s already has one. They can build you one and drop it on the ground next to you, and you can also purchase the crafting recipe from their store once it’s open.

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How do I unlock the ladder?

To unlock the ladder, you’ll need to have a few new villagers moving into your town. Going on Mystery Tours with Nook Miles Tickets will let you find villagers moseying about, and you can ask them to move into your town. Once you’ve got three folks ready to move in, Nook will receive a phone call from one of them at the end of his morning town address.

Go over and help him out with finding house locations for these new villagers and you’ll have to look around for spaces to put these houses along with instructions on which pieces of furniture you’ll need to have accompany them.

He’ll tell you some of the crafting recipes need flowers after you place two of the housing lots, and then will give you the DIY recipe for a ladder.

To craft a ladder, you’ll need 4 wood, 4 softwood, and 4 hardwood. It’s not particularly hard to get all this together if we’re honest, and if you are desperate you can always grab one from a mate.

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