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Animal Crossing monthly fish and bugs - What can you catch in May in the Northern and Southern hemispheres?

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons has new fish and bugs coming and going in May. Here's what you can catch in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

Here, we'll list all the fish and bugs that are newly available in May, as well as what's leaving the rotation at the end of the month.

What fish and bugs are available in May?

There's a whole selection for you to catch - here's what you should be looking for:

Newly available in May

Below are the fish and bugs you can catch in May you were previously unable to.

Northern Hemisphere Bugs

  • Banded Dragonfly - May-Oct, 8am-5pm, flying
  • Diving Beetle - May-Sept, 8am-7pm, On bodies of water
  • Great Purple Emperor - May-Aug, 4am-7pm, flying
  • Pondskater - May-Sept, 8am-7pm, On bodies of water
  • Queen Alexandra's Birdwing - May-Sept, 8am-4pm, flying
  • Rosalia Batesi Beetle - May-Sept, all hours, Tree stumps
  • Scorpion - May-Oct, 7pm-4am, On the ground
  • Violin Beetle - May-June, Sept-Nov, all hours, Tree stumps

Northern Hemisphere Fish

  • Angelfish - May-Nov, 4pm-9am, River
  • Betta - May-Nov, 9am-4pm, River
  • Catfish - May-Oct, 4pm-9am, Pond
  • Frog - May-Aug, all hours, Pond
  • Giant Trevally - May-Oct, all hours, Pier
  • Mahi-mahi - May-Oct, all hours, Pier
  • Nibble Fish - May-Sept, 9am-4pm, River
  • Rainbow Fish - May-Nov, 9am-4pm, River

Southern Hemisphere Bugs

  • Damselfly - May-Aug, 4pm-9am, flying
  • Mole Cricket - May-Nov, all hours, Underground
  • Tarantula - May-Oct, 7pm-4am, On ground

Southern Hemisphere Fish

  • Bitterling - May-Sept, all hours, River
  • Blowfish - May-Aug, 6pm-4am, Sea
  • Blue Marlin - May-Oct, Jan-Mar, all hours, Pier
  • Football Fish - May-Sept, 4pm-9am, Sea
  • Tuna - May-Oct, all hours, Pier

Leaving the game after May

The below fish and bugs are what you should be looking to catch before the month of May is over, otherwise you'll have to wait a pretty long while for them to return.

Northern Hemisphere Fish

  • Golden Trout - Mar-May, Sept-Nov, 4pm-9am, Clifftop river
  • Loach - Mar-May, all hours, River
  • Oarfish - Dec-May, all hours, Sea

Northern Hemisphere Bugs

No bugs from the Northern Hemisphere are leaving at the end of May.

Southern Hemisphere Fish

  • Barred Knifejaw - Sept-May, all hours, Sea
  • Char - Mar-May, Sept-Dec, 4pm-9am, Clifftop river + Pond
  • Cherry Salmon - Mar-May, Sept-Dec, 4pm-9am, Clifftop river
  • Golden Trout - Mar-May, Sept-Nov, 4pm-9am, Clifftop river
  • Guppy - Oct-May, 9am-4pm, River
  • Mitten Crab - Mar-May, 4pm-9am, River
  • Neon Tetra - Oct-May, 9am-4pm, River
  • Ray - Feb-May, 4am-9pm, Sea
  • Sea horse - Oct-May, all hours, Sea
  • Zebra Turkeyfish - Oct-May, all hours, Sea

Southern Hemisphere Bugs

  • Cricket - Mar-May, 5pm-8am, on the ground
  • Flea - Oct-May, all hours, On villagers
  • Long Locust - Oct-May, 8am-7pm, On ground
  • Mantis - Sept-May, 8am-5pm, On flowers
  • Migratory Locust - Feb-May, 8am-7pm, On ground
  • Monarch Butterfly - Mar-May, 4am-5pm, flying
  • Orchid Mantis - Sept-May, 8am-5pm, On white flowers
  • Rice Grasshopper - Feb-May, 8am-7pm, On ground
  • Violin Beetle - Mar-May, Nov-Dec, all hours, Tree stumps
  • Walking Stick - Jan-May, 4am-8am, 5pm-7pm, Tree Stumps

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