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World of Warcraft: Legion: Priest guide

Our overview of the Priest class in WOW Legion.

The Priest was World of Warcraft’s go-to healer class for many years, but currently its three specializations divide neatly into healing, damage-dealing and hybrid playstles. This comprehensive Priest guide will give you an overview of each specialisation’s strengths and weaknesses, helping you decide which role suits you best and how to perform it well.

This specialisation variety extends to the class’s lore and themes too. The Holy Priests embrace the warm glow of the Holy Light - the force behind Azeroth’s predominant godless religion - while Shadow Priests pledge themselves as servants of the dark Old Gods, in exchange for mastery over the terrifying powers of the Void - descending ever deeper into madness in the process. Discipline Priests try to find a balance between the two extremes, using the Holy Light to achieve stability, while tapping into the powers of the Void to power their offensive capabilities, and healing themselves and allies as they hurt their enemies.

In Legion, Blizzard went ahead with a major overhaul of the class, making each Priest spec feel very unique, both when compared to other Priest specialisations and to other classes with whom it shares the same roles. Due to the variance in playstyle between specs, the Priest class presents a high skill ceiling and a lot of variety for the discerning player who is up to the challenge. It is a powerful class regardless of the role you choose, and will be a valuable asset to any party when played properly.

Use this Priest guide and overview as your starting point to mastering the class and its specialisations, and refer to it often - we’ll keep it updated as Blizzard makes changes and updates to the class.

Editor's note: Update #1 - Today we debut our Discipline Priest guide. One of the most unique classes in the game, the Discipline Priest is also one of the most challenging, tasking the player with balancing a damage rotation alongside more traditional healer gameplay. We cover all that and much more in our guide, the link to which you can find in the Discipline Priest section below.

Shadow Priest

The Shadow Priest offers a unique ranged damage playstyle based on delivering damaging spells over multiple targets, while building up resources for an increased damage phase.

Playing a Shadow Priest revolves around generating Insanity - their new Legion resource - in order to activate a powerful Voidform, increasing the potency of their most destructive spells.

  • Multiple target fights.
  • Mobility.
  • Reduced ability to quickly damage priority targets.
  • Lack of defensive cooldowns reduces survivability.

- Shadow Priest guide

Holy Priest

Holy Priest healers now have truly powerful spells that, using Blizzard’s own words, should "feel like miracles”. A great part of their game play is about using their basic spells to actively reduce the cooldown of these game-changing casts. Holy is a great choice for those that like to build up to big numbers while playing a support role.

  • Group / Raid healing.
  • Exceptionally useful cooldowns.
  • Terribly slow for leveling and questing.
  • Low mobility.

Holy Priest guide

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Discipline Priest

Discipline Priests focus on dealing damage to enemies, damage that is then converted into healing and channelled to targets of their choosing. This makes it one of the most unique specialisations in World of Warcraft, and also one of the most challenging to play.

While you’ll never be the top healer or the top damage-dealer in this role, a masterfully played Discipline Priest can be one of the greatest assets a party can have at the highest tier of endgame content.

Discipline Priest guide

  • Excellent healing while contributing to overall damage output.
  • Lack of “panic buttons” / good healing cooldowns.
  • Very challenging playstyle.

This is the end of our overview of the Priest’s specialisations. Please let us know your thoughts on it in the comments below, and keep checking back as WOW Legion evolves - we’ll be updating all of our guides on an ongoing basis.

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