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  • mikekoopmans50 A month ago

    No worries :). I played a couple of Quest Rogues today with Taunt Warrior and they totally got screwed for having Doomsayer. I even managed to pull one out with Dirty Rat on a full board with the quest already active. OUCH!!! :P

    Loving the Bilefin myself! Taunt is pretty nice, but being able to bounce it and create multiple taunts is even better! Am really interested in seeing how you will like this suggested adjustment.

    Posted in Quest Rogue deck list guide - June 2017

  • mikekoopmans50 A month ago

    Loving the deck; it is truly almost unstoppable, with a really high level of consistency. When Un'goro just came out I was having trouble with fast decks and with Taunt Warriors, but now with this list I can wipe the floor with them more often than not. I recommend one change though:

    2x Doomsayer out -> 2x Bilefin Hunter in

    The Taunt can be extremely useful to slow down, say, Pirate Warrior or Midrange Hunter. But even more so: it is a way more useful card when you have completed the quest. Getting Doomsayer when you completed the quest is just plain awful, and slowing down your opponent just a little bit is often more than enough to finish the quest and start pounding.

    Because the deck is so stable now, the goal is just plainly getting to turn 5 and then bring the pain. Even when things don't go as smoothly, the Vanishes have not only provided me with some much needed extra time to finish the quest, it even finished the quest for me a couple of times, creating a clear board and making way for the haste minions. Truly amazing deck, and love the way it plays.

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  • mikekoopmans50 2 months ago

    @Autolycus Great, I am glad you like it! If you can find some way to beat Quest Warrior though then that would be great haha! Only when I finish the Quest with a full board really early do I stand a chance.

    Anyone else feel like Warrior has way too much AoE? Whirlwind, Ravaging Ghoul and Brawl were not enough, no let's add Sleeping with the fishes, that seems about right :S. Whoever thought this up at Blizzard nerds to be checked.

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  • mikekoopmans50 2 months ago

    @Bedders You're welcome! Only deck I am having real problems with is Quest Warrior, but otherwise it's looking pretty good :). It really feels a lot more consistent: in the games I've played with my adjusted list I almost always make the quest happen between turn 3(!) and 5. Good stuff :).

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  • mikekoopmans50 2 months ago

    Hi guys,

    I found that this deck can be even more awesome with a little tweaking. Still torn about some choices, but so far it is working quite nicely:

    2 x Backstab
    2 x Preparation
    2 x Shadowstep
    2 x Swashburglar
    1 x The Caverns Below
    2 x Eviscerate
    2 x Gadgetzan Ferryman
    1 x Edwin VanCleef
    2 x Fan of Knives
    2 x Mimic Pod

    2 x Fire Fly
    1 x Patches the Pirate
    2 x Southsea Deckhand
    1 x Stonetusk Boar
    2 x Novice Engineer
    1 x Youthful Brewmaster
    2 x Igneous Elemental
    1 x Violet Teacher

    I found that with the list you provide here, I was getting my ass whooped too many times by fast decks, since I had little early board presence. Also I found that I sometimes had trouble getting the quest finished. Most of the time it worked fine, but the times that I couldn't get the fourth minion in, or get it in just too late, I wished it was a little easier to get there.

    The Fire Fly and Igneous Elemental work like a charm for both problems. They provide a lot of value in the early game versus aggro, while also helping A LOT to work towards the quest. I had to make room for these cards, so I scrapped Moroes and a Violet Teacher. While awesome on occasion there were also times I would not get any value from them at all, and getting the board filled with minions is no problems with the combined power of the Fire Fly and Igneous.

    I also scrapped a Youthful Brewmaster. I don't need the bounce as much, and because the Gadgetzan Ferryman works only in combo (the only moment I use the Brewmaster as well) it does not necesarily have to bounce a creature in the late game when I have played the Quest card and don't really want to bounce if the board is filled with non charge minions. Could be I will switch between the two though.

    Lastly I scrapped one Stonetusk Boar. I am not sure if I would want to add it again, for the bounce damage combo, but I feel this version gives me more stability and versatility :). What do you guys think?

    Posted in Quest Rogue deck list guide (The Caverns Below)

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