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  • mikekoopmans50 4 months ago

    It looks really fun and I saw Trump play it, but even though he performed really well with it, he surprisingly ended the video saying something like "Well, now we know it isn't even tier 3, it is just unplayable". Complete took me off guard and really disappointing because I was really looking into crafting Gul'dan to play around with it. Now I am not so sure. Maybe Trump was just a bit salty having just lost in spectacular style to a Highlander Priest, but who knows: he may be right.

    I have enough cards to play a couple of the really strong decks that are out there now, but do not want to waste a load of dust on a deck that won't fly. Evolve Shaman is another contender, with the Thrall Deathseer as a contender, but that deck is by no means a guaranteed top tier deck either. Choices, choices haha.

    Posted in Control Warlock deck list guide - October 2017

  • mikekoopmans50 4 months ago

    My luck was considerably better then. I opened a relatively small amount (max 30 packs I think) but I got a golden Lich King (made my day; the best and most versatile card in the set if you ask me :)), a golden Ultimate Infestation (a really, really strong card if you ask me), Arfus and a load of golden cards and epics. Also got Garrosh as the free DK card. Immediately made the Control Warrior, with a small adaptation when compared to the one on the site here. Commented on that article too. Looks like a really fun expansion and can't wait to see what decks pop up as the top tier! :)

    Posted in Control Paladin deck list guide - December 2017

  • mikekoopmans50 4 months ago

    Glad to be of help :). And I do fully understand the difficulties of making deck lists when a new set arrives. Only suggestion I would have is that you could take a more conservative approach with the deck lists you post, using only small sprinkles of almost guaranteed improvements, and leave the experimental stuff out and mention them in the articles or something. Adding a list of potentially strong new additions could work too. Something like that :).

    Posted in Aggro Paladin (Divine Shield) deck list guide - October 2017

  • mikekoopmans50 4 months ago

    Holy mother: 7 LEGENDARIES?! As if Paladin needed that much of a boost, why don't we just add two more potentially great Legendaries to the roster. Most expensive class by far, with almost no less expensive alternatives available without seriously decreasing the power of the decks... The Paladin is the prime example of where Blizz has gone wrong with Un'goro (making most top decks REALLY expensive), and they show no signs of changing that with the Frozen Throne expansion. I consider myself lucky enough to own quite a lot of cards and top tier decks (well luck had nothing to do with: my playing and spending of real money did...) but I can absolutely understand how frustrating this must be to newer players who don't have much gold/dust/money to spend...

    Posted in Control Paladin deck list guide - December 2017

  • mikekoopmans50 4 months ago

    Really surprised by the pirates in this deck. I see more value in a single Blood Knight than Dread Corsair personally, and maybe two Consecration. It is logical to try out lots of things at the start of a new expansion, but I think that maybe a more conservative approach (with a little less Frozen Throne cards, and a little more established cards) would work better. This would also save players with a small amount of dust the disappointment of creating loads of cards that just don't cut it in the long run.

    Experimentation on a larger scale is more suited for a very small audience that has loads of dust to spend, and I don't think that audience is your main target with these articles. Your audience is probably better off with small and almost guaranteed improvements coming from the new set. Like: anyone can see that the Lich King is incredible (not for this deck, but in general), so you can't go wrong there. But something like Bolvar or Arrogant Crusader are a different thing entirely.

    But please don't mistake my view on this for bashing your work (I really enjoy all the articles a lot); it is just my opinion. :)

    Posted in Aggro Paladin (Divine Shield) deck list guide - October 2017

  • mikekoopmans50 4 months ago

    I understand the urge to try new things with cards like Phantom Freebooter, but this card will absolutely not be a good alternative for Mortal Strike. True: it is a pirate and it has a nice ability which can work out pretty well with the multiple weapons in the deck, but Mortal Strike has one huge, massive, not to be underestimated advantage. It is instant and unstoppable damage. I can't even count the times that it saved the game for me, slamming home the win for 4 (or 6, 8, 12) damage while my opponent finally got board control (think: a lot of huge taunts for example) only the moment before.

    A Forge of Souls for Naga Corsair is instant include of course, but I am utterly convinced that nothing changes for the optimal version otherwise.

    Posted in Frozen Throne Pirate Warrior deck list guide - August 2017

  • mikekoopmans50 4 months ago

    The deck is looking pretty good! Played one game so far, against a Miracle Rogue with Frozen Throne cards (the DK Valeera was played), and I was on top the entire game. The end was pretty tight, but I am really impressed with Bloodrazor. It is incredible, with Armorsmith and Acolyte this thing is just plain awesome. Didn't get to play the DK Garrosh, but did play the Lich King. Immediately got destroyed by Vilespine Slayer, but a good threat for sure.

    Only card I switched out (both because I am not convinced that it is really any good and because there is a perfect alternative that I already own and that doesn't cost me 1600 dust) is Rotface for Grommash. While I understand it has the potential to be good, I do not like the RNG part. Grommash does the trick quite well too, synergising very well with all the self damage in this deck for an almost guaranteed 10 damage charge. Really interested to see how this deck will hold its own in the meta and how it will develop!

    Posted in Control Warrior deck list guide - November 2017

  • mikekoopmans50 6 months ago

    No worries :). I played a couple of Quest Rogues today with Taunt Warrior and they totally got screwed for having Doomsayer. I even managed to pull one out with Dirty Rat on a full board with the quest already active. OUCH!!! :P

    Loving the Bilefin myself! Taunt is pretty nice, but being able to bounce it and create multiple taunts is even better! Am really interested in seeing how you will like this suggested adjustment.

    Posted in Quest Rogue deck list guide - June 2017

  • mikekoopmans50 7 months ago

    Loving the deck; it is truly almost unstoppable, with a really high level of consistency. When Un'goro just came out I was having trouble with fast decks and with Taunt Warriors, but now with this list I can wipe the floor with them more often than not. I recommend one change though:

    2x Doomsayer out -> 2x Bilefin Hunter in

    The Taunt can be extremely useful to slow down, say, Pirate Warrior or Midrange Hunter. But even more so: it is a way more useful card when you have completed the quest. Getting Doomsayer when you completed the quest is just plain awful, and slowing down your opponent just a little bit is often more than enough to finish the quest and start pounding.

    Because the deck is so stable now, the goal is just plainly getting to turn 5 and then bring the pain. Even when things don't go as smoothly, the Vanishes have not only provided me with some much needed extra time to finish the quest, it even finished the quest for me a couple of times, creating a clear board and making way for the haste minions. Truly amazing deck, and love the way it plays.

    Posted in Quest Rogue deck list guide - June 2017

  • mikekoopmans50 8 months ago

    @Autolycus Great, I am glad you like it! If you can find some way to beat Quest Warrior though then that would be great haha! Only when I finish the Quest with a full board really early do I stand a chance.

    Anyone else feel like Warrior has way too much AoE? Whirlwind, Ravaging Ghoul and Brawl were not enough, no let's add Sleeping with the fishes, that seems about right :S. Whoever thought this up at Blizzard nerds to be checked.

    Posted in Quest Rogue deck list guide (The Caverns Below)

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