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Overwatch: Uprising Achievements and Trophies

All of the new Achievements and Trophies that are now available to unlock in Overwatch.

The Overwatch Uprising event has just gone live on servers all over the globe, and as well as introducing the usual feast of cosmetic items for you to unlock, there are also some Achievements and Trophies that you can try and polish off as well.

You'll only have until May 1st to tick these off the list though, and so over the next day or so we'll be providing tips for completing all of them. For now, here's a breakdown of the challenge in front of you:

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LEGENDARY GUIDE: Don't miss our Uprising Legendary tips and strategy page for advice on how to complete this event on the very toughest difficulty setting.

Distinguished ServiceComplete Uprising on Legendary difficultyOR14-NS Spray15
Handle With CareDeliver the paylod with over 80% health in Uprising on Hard difficultySlicer Spray15
Mission CompleteComplete Uprising on Hard difficultyEradicator Spray15
ReplacementsComplete Uprising (All Heroes) with 8 different heroesNullmari Spray15
Strike TeamComplete Uprising with each of the 4 heroesNulltrooper Spray15
Unit CommendationComplete Uprising on Expert difficultyB73NS Spray15

If you need a general guide for this co-op event, make sure you look at our Uprising guide first of all. It's got loads of tips for clearing the mission, and you can move onto the advanced version later.

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