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Overwatch: Season 4 start date confirmed

A new blog post containing full details of the next Season also expected shortly.


Season 4 of Overwatch will begin on Tuesday 28th February at 16:00 PST (00:00 the following day in the UK, 01:00 in Europe).

The news was revealed in an update on the official Overwatch forums yesterday evening.

In the same post, the developers mention that they've been modifying plans based on feedback from Season 3. As soon as we know what those changes for Season 4 entail, we'll update you. In the meantime, take a look through our Season 4 guide for all the latest details.

Here are the global times:

00:00 GMT (01/03)16:00 PST08:00 CST (01/03)
01:00 CET (01/03)17:00 MST09:00 KST (01/03)
03:00 MSK18:00 CST09:00 JST (01/03)
19:00 EST
21:00 ADT
21:00 BRT
21:00 NDT
08:00 (01/03)
10:00 AEST (01/03)
12:00 NZST (01/03)


If you're wondering when Season 4 of Overwatch will start, then we've been given our strongest indication of a launch date via a post by game director Jeff Kaplan on the game's official forums.

Quite simply, the team intends to follow the same pattern as it has for previous Seasons: finish the previous Season up one week before the start of the next, with a new Season kicking off at the start of a calendar month.

Projecting that into the future - and considering Blizzard likes to make major changes to all of its games via a Tuesday patch - then it stands to reason that Season 4 of Overwatch will begin on Tuesday 28th February.

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We'll have a Season 4 guide up and ready for you in very short order, with all the latest details on what you'll be able to unlock when the next competitive period of play rolls around.

Source - Overwatch forums

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