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Overwatch: Uprising start time (PDT / EDT / BST / CEST)

The anticipated global release times for Overatch's Insurrection event.

On this page you'll find the expected start time for the Overwatch Insurrection event, with localised times available for players around the globe.

We got our first hint of the next special event that will come to Overwatch tomorrow evening, and if you want to get up to speed on what to expect, don't miss our Insurrection guide which contains all the latest info. What time will Insurrection actually start on April 11th though?

Well, for just about every single other event that Blizzard's run in the game it's all kicked off at 11am Blizzard time, which observes the PDT timezone right now. Although Blizzard may of course choose to get the event started at a different time on this occasion, it seems like a pretty safe bet to assume things will play out as they always have.

That's one side of America covered, then, but what time will the event start in your own corner of the world. Use the chart below if you want to know when you should have the decks cleared so you can start getting stuck into the new content!

19:00 BST11:00 PDT03:00 CST (April 12th)
20:00 CEST12:00 MDT04:00 KST (April 12th)
21:00 MSK13:00 CDT04:00 JST (April 12th)
14:00 EDT
16:00 ADT
16:00 BRT
15:30 NDT
03:00 SGT (April 12th)
03:00 AEST (April 12th)
05:00 NZST (April 12th)

At the time of publishing this article, it's believed that Insurrection will begin on 11th April, but what about the end date? Well, the leaked trailer we saw earlier this evening confirms that everything will wrap up on Monday 1st May 2017.

Blizzard typically closes down events at around 4pm PST when they're ready to switch it all off. Just use the chart above to add or subtract five hours depending on where you are in the world!

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