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Overwatch: Uprising Skins

Your first look at all of the new skins that have just arrived with Overwatch Uprising.

On this page you'll find all of the Overwatch Uprising skins that we currently know about.

The new Overwatch event is called Uprising and has just gone live on the Overwatch servers.

Here are all of the skins that you can unlock, taken straight from the client itself.

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We're expecting a new event - Insurrection - to hit Overwatch tomorrow evening and bring with it the usual collection of skins to unlock. It looks as though at least a few of the new cosmetic items have leaked early and so far we're launching our Insurrection skins page a little earlier than intended.

There are two leads to consider here. First of all there's the release of a new Overwatch comic called Uprising. This not only directly ties up with Blizzard's Twitter tease by name, but also features some new combat skin styles for the Reinhardt, Torbjorn, Mercy and Tracer team that head to King's Row at the comic's conclusion.

Then there's the artwork that apparently showed up on the Xbox Store ahead of schedule, and which you can see in the two images below:

This all adds up to what appears to be a co-op event for the game - similar to last year's very popular Junkenstein's Revenge - with new skins for the four characters that make up the team. There'll likely to be more cosmetic items for other heroes in the game as well.

You can find out more about the event over at our King's Row Uprising guide page, while elsewhere we've got some information on the likely start time, based on previous seasonal events. We'll be bringing you full coverage of the new content as soon as it gets underway, so check back for updates!

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