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Overwatch: Anniversary start time (PDT / EDT / BST / CEST / GMT)

UPDATE: Start times leaked by PlayStation Store listing.

Here you'll find the expected Overwatch: Anniversary start time, with localised times available for players around the globe.

We already know that Overwatch: Anniversary is coming next week, and has been timed to mark the game's first birthday. What a year it's been as well, eh? Few other games have launched with such fanfare, and we've enjoyed a steady feed of heroes, maps and other special events for the game in the months since.

Blizzard has already confirmed that the Anniversary event will begin on Tuesday 23rd May, but what time will it actually start? In previous events, Blizzard has chosen to patch the event into the live game at approximately 11am their time in the PDT timezone. While we can't guarantee they won't take a different approach this time, it's a fair bet they'll carry on in this way.

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This is great if you happen to be in that part of the world - or even that side of America - but what if you play the game in a different region? We've put together a chart that should help you pinpoint the exact Anniversary start time, wherever you happen to live.

We've verified these timezones to the best of our abilities, but please do let us know of any errors in your corner of the globe, so that we can fix them straight away.

UPDATE: A Reddit poster has discovered a listing on the PlayStation store which suggests the event will start at 17:00 CEST. We've updated our table accordingly:

16:00 BST08:00 PDT00:00 CST (May 24th)
17:00 CEST09:00 MDT01:00 KST (May 24th)
18:00 MSK10:00 CDT01:00 JST (May 24th)
11:00 EDT
13:00 ADT
13:00 BRT
12:30 NDT
00:00 SGT (May 24th)
00:00 AEST (May 24th)
02:00 NZST (May 24th)

Those are the predicted start times for the event, but when does Blizzard plan to wrap things up? The confirmed end date for the Anniversary event is Monday 12th June.

Events typically shut down at around 4pm PDT, so just allow for five hours in the table above when working out your own local time.

What to expect when the Anniversary event goes live? Well, we know that there'll be three new Arena maps to mess around with. Note though that these will be limited to 3 v 3 and 1 v 1 encounters in the game's Arcade Mode. Rumours that there'll be a new game mode have also circulated, although that's firmly in the realm of speculation right now.

Beyond that there's the usual assortment of skins and other cosmetic items to unlock over the duration of the event. Blizzard has, unusually, teased some of these ahead of the event, and you can get a look at them in action below:

Dance emotes:


We'll be updating the site with all the latest content from the Anniversary event, so stay tuned for updates throughout the evening!

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