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Overwatch: Orisa guide - 2017

Our must-read guide to mastering Orisa, the latest hero to hit Overwatch.

Our Orisa guide contains ability information, gameplay tips, and everything else you could possibly want to know about the new tank to come to Overwatch.

Overwatch's 24th hero Orisa has just hit the live servers, although it's important to note that at the time of publishing she's only currently available to play in Quick Play mode. Competitive Play for this exciting new tank will be unlocked in a week from now, once the community's had a proper chance to get to grips with how this new character works..

To help you out with that, we wanted to put together a comprehensive Orisa guide that explains all of the ins and outs of playing this new addition to the Overwatch roster. We'll continue refining this article over time, but for now you should be able to find everything you need to get going right here.

If you've any strategy tips of your own for Orisa, let us know about them in the comments so we can include them in the next update! We're expecting the arrival of this new character to really shake things up for the tanking side of the game, and will take a lot of the pain from those attacking control point pushes too.

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Orisa abilities

Here's a very quick breakdown of Orisa's abilities, along with a little advice for getting the most out of them. You'll find more general strategy tips just after this section of our guide

Fusion Driver [LMB] - An automatic projectile weapon. Slows Orisa while firing. This seems to work a little like D.Va's guns, although we'll report back more when we've had a chance to road-test her. Keep in mind that it can be easy to end up falling behind your teammates if you blast this one out during a push - try to focus your fire a little and remain with the team.

Halt! [RMB] - Launch a graviton charge with RMB then detonate it with RMB. The sphere slows and pulls nearby enemies to it. There are many possible uses for this powerful ability, from clustering enemies together for focused fire from your teammates, to dropping a handful of enemies over the abyss. When we next update this guide, we will include some map-specific tips for making the most out of this potentially powerful skill.

Fortify [LSHIFT] - Reduce damage taken and you cannot be stopped. This obviously provides some extra survivability, but you need very sharp reflexes to make the most of this ability. Still, if you can get your timing just right then this can be the difference between a total team wipe or you surviving long enough to hold things together until your friends can get back to the fight.

Protective Barrier [E] - Throw a device that creates a barrier. This is a remote device that spawns a shield like Winston's shield ability. Use this ability to assist with a push, or simply to protect an objective from the likely direction of the enemy's next attack. Also a great addition to any payload...

Supercharger [Q] - Deploy a device that increases damage inflicted by your allies. Hang onto this one until you are in a significant team fight encounter, as it's a lot less impactful when used in smaller fights. This Ultimate has obvious benefits for taking a capture point, and combines very nicely with all immobilising Ultimates peppered throughout the hero roster.

Orisa tips

The community is still slowly getting to grips with this new hero, but there are some interesting gameplay tips to be aware of already. We'll expand this section of our guide considerably over time.

- The spread of Orisa's gunfire is constant from the very first shot, so you don't need to worry about firing in bursts. Target, hold down the left mouse button, and just keep rattling away.

- The magazine clip is huge too, so don't be shy about getting stuck in. According to a post on the official Overwatch forums, you can keep rattling off your primary fire for a good sixteen seconds before having to reload (note that this is currently under review due to a last-minute change to Orisa's clip size).

- Fortify provides a 50% damage reduction, which can be enough to survive just about any Offense character's Ultimate ability.

- Track the yellow line on Halt as it passes enemies. Those it connects with will be affected by the detonation when you set it off. This ability will also tap a stealthed Sombra and it has a radius roughly equivalent to Ana's grenade. Note also that you can still use Halt while also firing with the left mouse button.

- The cooldown of Protective Barrier starts ticking down when you first place the shield, not when it's destroyed. That's great news as it means you can place one right before a fight begins, and then stand a good chance of playing a second one when the initial shield breaks.

- Protect your Supercharger if at all possible, as all opponents will very quickly learn to target it quickly. Hide it somewhat out of sight or at least drop a shield over it to give it a fighting chance. It increases the damage output of your nearby allies by 50%, which is nothing to sniff at!

- The jury's still out on this one, but apparently Mercy's damage boost beam does not stack with Supercharger, although Nano Boost does. We'll check this out and update the article in the very near future.

- Lastly, Orisa's Fortify ability even stops Reinhardt's Charge dead in its tracks!

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Orisa Origin Story

Finally, here's Orisa's Origin Story trailer. This came out a littel earlier this month, and provides some interesting insight into how she came to be!

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