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Our comprehensive guide to mastering Junkrat in Overwatch.

Updated 15th June 2016: Our Junkrat guide has everything you need to know about this Overwatch Hero, with the latest Ability advice, strategy tips and counters.

If carefully calibrated damage is your kind of thing, then it's far to say that you're probably not going to get on particularly well with Junkrat, Overwatch's devilish explosives specialist. Don't get us wrong, he's a very strong all-round defensive choice, but instead of picking a target and then cleanly attacking, this chaotic characters prefers to takes a more explosive approach to proceedings. Specifically, he enjoys turning corridors into minefields, and throwing enough explosives around the place to turn even the quietest corner of a map into an impenetrable warzone.

This is where our Junkrat guide comes in. This Hero's primary attack comes in the form of a grenade launcher, which he can use to spray a particular area with a whole heap of explosive power, while his mines can be used to make an otherwise safe passage incredibly perilous for the enemy team to traverse. These mines can even be used to help Junkrat boost to great height and escape trouble, or just assume an even more menacing position from which he can rain down unholy hell. All things considered, Junkrat loves to play from height, and let gravity aid his weaponfire.

Apart from these more obviously dangerous tools of war, traps can also be used to pin enemies firmly into place. They'll then not only suffer damage from any mines you've dropped nearby, they'll also becomes much easier targets for your friends to pick off with their more focused firepower. These are all great and obviously fun skills to have at your disposal, but rounding off his fantastic assortment of abilities is an Ultimate which grants Junkrat control of a whirling wheel of death. This can be steered towards a pack of enemies and then detonated, almost certainly to deadly effect. It really hurts when it lands, and we've got some tips to make sure it arrives in one piece.

Whether or not you get on with Junkrat is almost certainly going to come down to whether you're the kind of person who's comfortable frustrating the enemy team, rather than dominating them with precision skills. Have no doubt though that a well-played Junkrat can make life very easy for your team - and very, very unpleasant for the enemy. It's tougher to get a Play of the Game than with other characters, but that doesn't mean you can't be the star of the show from time to time.

To increase your odds of wowing your teammates, we've put together a massive Junkrat guide that we think should give you the lowdown on, well, just about anything and everything to do with this Hero. We've started with a complete breakdown of all of Junkrat's fundamental abilities, then followed up with some tips to make the most of them. After that we've got a bit of advice on who counters this character and how. Expect even more to be added to this guide in the weeks and months to come.

Editor's note - Update #2: Now that Overwatch is out we wanted to give our Junkrat guide a thorough going over to make sure it's as useful as it can possibly be. We've added a few extra tips to the relevant section, and also added a few map-specific Junkrat strategy guides. We'll keep updating this section of the guide over time.

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Junkrat's abilities

Junkrat is Overwatch's master of mechanical mayhem, and you should expect an explosive experience with this character. Here's a look at all of his abilities, and how you should best utilise them on the battlefield.

Frag Launcher [LMB] - The bad news about Junkrat's Frag Launcher is that it's very hard to hit a particular target with its bouncing bombs. You can turn that lack of precision into a virtue, however, by spamming those grenades around a particular area, and making it extremely dangerous for the enemy to linger around in one place. Stick to ground-based opponents when you can, as it's very hard to hit airborne Heroes with this weapon. Gravity will also help you rain hell down on any attacking team.

Concussion Mine [LSHIFT] - There are a couple of uses for Junkrat's Concussion Mine. First of all, you can - of course - simply leave it around for an enemy to wander into and that'll cause them some serious pain. Alternatively, you can actually use it to gain height. Walk into the mine as Junkrat and you'll take off, receiving absolutely no damage in the process. Jump first before you touch the mine and you'll soar even higher. Use this move to either gain height and then rain grenades down on your enemies, or as a way to zip across the map faster when you need to get back into the fight.

Steel Trap [E] - If an enemy wanders into your Steel Trap then they'll be held in position for one second, giving your friends the perfect opportunity to finish them off. Alternatively, you can combo this ability with Concussion Mine. When the UI informs you that an opponent has been trapped, detonate the mine to do a very satisfying dollop of damage to them. When it comes to Overwatch's squishiest characters, this will almost certainly spell their doom. Try to place your trap in chokepoints that lead towards an objective, so that you increase your odds of bagging a victim.

RIP-Tire [Q] - Junkrat's Ultimate does an incredible amount of damage when it's detonated, and the noise of it being revved up is sure to put the fear of God into the enemy team - it will also warn them at the same time, of course! Steer it towards your target (referencing our tips section below for extra advantage), then tap the left mouse button when you wish to blow it up. Enemies can shoot the tire before it explodes, but note that Torbjorn's turrets will not automatically target this wheel of death. This can be a great way of dealing with annoying defensive threats represented by this Hero and others.

Total Mayhem [PASSIVE] - Given Junkrat's relatively low damage output, it's only fitting that he should at least go out with a massive bang - and have a good crack at taking everyone else out with him in the process. There's not much to say about this ability - it's passively cast, after all - although you should try to take a target or two down with you if you know you're about to croak! If you know the fight is going to end badly, might as well go all in and get close to your killer...

Our most popular Overwatch guides:

AbilityHPAmmoFire RateDurationCooldown/ReloadDamageRange
Frag Launcher20051.66 RPS-1.5s1202m radius
Concussion Mine----8s1203m radius
Steel Trap---3s10s801m radius
RIP-Tire--110s10s60010m radius
Total Mayhem-----300 max-
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  • MrMixelpix #1 9 months ago
    I'm surprised this guide doesn't mention the INCREDIBLE usefulness of just throwing the mine at enemies. I know very few Junkrats who use it as an actual trap outside of occasionally placing it with a steel trap. Most of the time a tossed mine has a great dual use of both being easier to control since you can decide when it blows up plus also will launch you yourself. During a hectic firefight, tossing a mine in the enemy's face and triggering it can sometimes kill them AND blast you to safety.
    Sign in to reply
  • michałjanczak01 #2 3 months ago
    @MrMixelpix indeed. It is your only reliable source of damage, as you can fully control it. I play Junkrat pretty often and always end up tossing the mine at someone's face at some point in the game. And that no only once.
    Sign in to reply

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