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Overwatch: Doomfist guide - 2017

Everything we know about the new hero widely rumoured to be coming to Overwatch next.

With the new Oasis map now up and running on the live servers, speculation has once again turned back towards the next hero who's likely to turn up in Overwatch.

The rumour mill has been rumbling away about a mysterious figure known as Doomfist for quite a while now, and with the new year upon us we thought it was high time we kicked off the first edition of our Doomfist guide.

In time - and just as we did for Sombra and Ana - we'll rework this article to more closely resemble all of the other hero guides that you've come to know us for. For now though, we thought it would be fun to pull all of the speculation and evidence surrounding this mysterious character into one place.

It's important to note here that until Blizzard actually speaks up about the hero, everything contained in this first edition of our Doomfist guide is based on speculation - and for all we know we may even end up with a completely different character instead.

There's enough noise around this hero though for us to feel pretty confident that Doomfist is coming - and sooner, rather than later. From abilities to backstory and gameplay tips, we'll update this guide as and when every last morsel of official information is released by Blizzard.

For now though, enjoy getting up to speed with what we know about this hero!

Evidence for the existence of Doomfist

The Doomfist character shows up in a number of places both in and out of the game itself.

  • In the original cinematic trailer, Doomfist's gauntlet is identified as part of the exhibition, and is a core component of the battle that unfolds.
  • When playing on the Numbani map, the payload itself is carrying Doomfist's gauntlet.
  • A post on the game's official Twitter account references a Doomfist Exhibit as part of Numbani's Unity Day.
  • If you examine all of the spawn rooms in Numbani, you'll notice that one of them features a trio of posters representing this character in different forms: The Savior, The Scourge and The Successor.
  • In a datamined voice line, Reaper states "Doomfist should do his own dirty work".

Doomfist abilities

Again we're firmly in the realm of pure speculation here, but given Doomfist's thematic connection to Numbani (which was created by Omnics and humans as a symbol of unity), and the electrically charged gauntlet, we're expected some kind of hybrid between robot and man.

The posters in the Numbani spawn room also support this idea, with different incarnations of Doomfist suggesting different playstyles. Could it be that this hero changes their role dynamically based on the type of gauntlet they choose to equip? Perhaps it can be changed on the fly to suit the demands of any given battle situation, or only when in the spawn room.

We'll update this section of our Doomfist guide with more information, as soon as we learn more from Blizzard.

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Is Terry Crews the Doomfist voice actor?

The game's fans have been vocal in wanting football player and actor Terry Crews to voice Doomfist, Crews himself has publicly stated his desire to voice a hero for the game, and just recently the picture below made its way into the public domain...

Even if Doomfist is not the hero he ends up voicing, it does not take a big leap of imagination to believe that Terry Crews will indeed be making an appearance in the game at some point!

Doomfist release date

While we don't currently know the release date for Doomfist, we will see him appear on the PTR around one month before he reaches the live servers.

With Oasis having just - at the time of writing - been added to the game, we'd expect to get our first proper look at this hero towards the end of February or March. That timing seems about right when you consider the release of Sombra at the end of last year.

Again, we'll flesh out this section of our Doomfist guide when we know more.

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