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Overwatch: Uprising Legendary tips and strategy

How to beat Overwatch Uprising on the toughest difficulty setting.

This page contains Legendary tips and strategy advice for completing the Uprising event in Overwatch.

Last night's Overwatch Uprising patch added a brand-new co-op adventure to the game. Set on a reworked version of the King's Row map, there are actually two different versions of this Arcade challenge you can tackle - one where you're limited to using Tracer, Mercy, Reinhardt and Torbjorn, and another where you're free to mix your team composition up however you wish.

While the Normal difficulty setting shouldn't give you too much trouble - and we definitely recommend going in blind on your first outing - the extra difficulty settings can turn this into an extremely frantic series of firefights. Legendary is the toughest setting of all, and will give even the most capable players a run for their money.

This advanced guide is aimed at completing Uprising on this highest of difficulty settings, but the advice does of course scale back down to the Expert and Hard challenges as well. Generally speaking you're worrying about bigger health levels and stronger damage, rather than different enemy waves.

It's based on a video put together by the talented team at YouTube channel Your Overwatch, and we encourage you to watch the video we've embedded all the way through, as it'll make things much, much easier to understand. It's worth subscribing to them as well, as they produce a steady stream of top-notch Overwatch content.

Uprising Legendary: Team composition:

First up is team configuration. In the video we're highlighting, it's important to note that the team switches out Tracer for a Bastion. She's super squishy, where he's a solid source of constant damage, and so it's a very sensible switch to make. Mercy should damage boost the Bastion wherever possible but, you know, don't let people die either...

Uprising Legendary: Hacking the defense systems

At the first point, Bastion can just park up with a view of both doors and rattle off damage into the approaching enemies. The same goes for the second point, where you can park up on top of the terminal, face the choke and just tear through the attackers while the team assists as best they can. Just watch out for activity to the sides and be ready to change targets accordingly.

On the third and final point, just assume Sentry mode on the terminal again, and deal with the attackers as they approach. Torbjorn can set his turret up along one of the sides in order to catch flanking attackers, while Reinhardt can use Fire Strike to clear through smaller waves - just remember to shield anyone who needs it asap if you're on tanking duties.

Uprising Legendary: Defending the payload

When positioning for the payload defense section, pop Bastion up on top of the payload itself and slightly to the side to ensure you have the clearest perspective for dealing with spawns. Torbjorn can pop his turret down near the phonebox, so it has a good focus on Bastion when he shows up in that corner opposite.

Prioritise the spherical Detonators at all times, as they'll do massive damage to the payload if they go off. When the first Bastion shows up just across from the payload, everyone should pile in and damage him down asap. By the time the second Bastion arrives, you may need to use an Ultimate or two to control the carnage. Otherwise just keep prioritising those Bastions whenever they appear, and focusing down Detonators as necessary.

Uprising Legendary: Moving the payload

It's vital during this phase that you check 180 degrees at all times for surprise attacks. As you approach the first corner, you will be attacked by a Detonator, and so Reinhardt will need to be ready to push it away from the payload.

Apart from this, stick with the payload and ensure that it does not take any avoidable damage for a sustained period of time. Your priority targets for the rest of the stretch towards the checkpoint will be the Bastions in Tank mode. Note that one appears out of the subway as you round the last corner and approach the end - focus damage on it hard when it appears.

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Uprising Legendary: Surviving the final section

Get Reinhardt to shield up at the entrance, then kill that first Orisa as quickly as you can. When she's dead, move to the right-hand wall corridor and deal with the Bastion up ahead. If you can polish off these two big kills nice and quickly, the rest of this tricky section will be a good deal easier.

Once clear, look quickly towards the corner leading to the final straight and you'll see another Orisa unit. Try to take her down from your right-hand wall position, with Reinhardt shielding the gap that you're looking through. Once she's down, go along the wall you're against and take out the other Bastion that's just across from you.

Next, head over to the left-hand wall corridor and start working your away along it, with the pair of Orisa units to your right. You have natural cover opportunities here, although you will need to deal with a couple of roaming units in this corridor - including another Bastion.

Now use your position of cover - and Reinhardt's shields - to chip, chip away at the remaining Orisa enemies. Do not get greedy here, take your time, and just move as a group in and out of cover to whittle them down. If Reinhardt's shield goes and you get caught under fire, you're going to have a very bad time of things. Listen for the shield health calls, and be ready to duck behind cover so your tank can charge it up.

Once you've cleared this section, the event will wrap up, you'll get your rewards and you can give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back!

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