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Overwatch: Uprising guide

Our essential guide to the new Uprising event to hit Overwatch.

In our Overwatch Uprising guide, you'll find all the tips and strategy advice you need in order to master the new event to hit the game..

The Uprising update has just added a new piece of PVE (Player Versus Environment) content to the game, one which shares the very same name. In this first edition of our Uprising guide, we'll outline everything you need to know about this new challenge, which you'll be able to find for yourself in the Arcade section of the interface.

Note that this article is a work in progress, and will be upated continuously throughout this evening. If you've any tips for Uprising that you'd like to share, let us know in the comments and we'll include them - with credit - the next time we update this article

UPDATE #1: We've added some extra tips to the bottom of this article, including advice about using Reinhardt's shields when those irritating Detonators show up. Let us know your own tips in the comments and we'll add them in!

Uprising Overview

Uprising is the new piece of Overwatch PVE to hit the game. This a 4 player co-op event, set on the King's Row map. You can only choose from Reinhardt, Mercy, Tracer and Torbjorn in the standard version. There's another version that lets you mix and match heroes to your heart's content - and stack them too! If you complete all of the mission objectives, then on the first time you will receive a special seasonal Loot Box as a reward.

The first part of the challenge is split into several stages, and is both longer and more intense than Junkestein's Revenge. The first three sections all involve disabling defense cannons that have been put into position by the Omnics.

Your job is to disable them one by one, and this happens in a fashion not unlike the capture process on maps like Hamanura - it just takes a lot longer to cap each one of these. In terms of locating each one, just follow the icon on your HUD and you'll have no trouble. You'll face a wave of mech enemies during each of these sections, but they're relatively easy to fend off.

When you're finished disabling these cannons, you'll move as a team to the payload position where you'll have to withstand a four minute barrage of attacks from more waves of mechs (including a Bastion or two!). There are three key enemies to watch out for here. Slicers drop fast but do a lot of damage to the payload once they're in position. Bastions are as annoying as you'd imagine and can tear through your team. Detonators are big bloated creatures that will explode if they're not shot down very quickly.

With the payload repaired, you next have to escort it to the final checkpoint on the map, fighting all of the enemies you've already encountered, along with some new Orisa units which pack some meaty defensive systems. Even on Normal setting you'll rattle through plenty of ammo just picking these units off. Once you're through the doors and into this section, you've only got 10 minutes to finish the job off.

A note on team wipes. If a member of the team dies, you can head to them and revive them but you've only a limited amount of time to actually do this. If all team members die, the attempt ends and the Omnics win!

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Uprising Heroes

The new PVE content for the game features Mercy, Reinhardt, Torbjorn and Tracer. If you don't typically play these characters, you'll benefit a great deal from studying our guides for each one of these heroes:

Here are some Uprising specific tips you should find helpful when playing with these heroes:


Focus on keeping your teammates alive as Mercy, and only switch over to your damage buff against the more intimidating enemies you face. Be very ready to go back into healing mode though, as things can quickly get out of hand. Save your Ultimate for when it really matters, and try to manually revive characters if only one is down and a wipe doesn't feel imminent as a result.


Reinhardt's Fire Strike ability is excellent at scything through some of the weaker enemies you'll encounter such as Slicers. Your job really in the early stages is to go toe to toe with the larger shielded units such as Eridactors. Charge 'em, then clatter 'em - hopefully with some firefire support from your other teammates. You must of course also shield your team from Bastion fire, and coordinate with them to take these enemies down extremely quickly.


Unsurprisingly, it's Torbjorn's turret that proves crucial here, and is a capable of dealing with a lot of minor enemies on his own. On Normal, it's extremely easy to pick up Gold medals in all categories with this hero. Make sure your turrets can see all entry and exit points when setting it up during the hacking phase, as enemies will approach from all angles. It's also a good idea to pop your turret on top of the payload during the repair phase. Keep the armour flying too!


As Tracer, you need to stay extremely nimble and pick off targets cleanly. Always have one eye on where your next Torbjorn armour pack is coming from as your health is incredible lightweight. If you take on this role, you excel at dealing with the deadliest enemies such as those Bastions. Blink in behind them, take them out, but don't stay under fire for any real period of time at all. Your Ultimate ability should be used to target the most threatening targets only.

There are four difficulty settings for this mode:

  • Normal - Stop the King's Row Uprising
  • Hard - Null Sector's forces have been upgraded
  • Expert - Null Sector takes no prisoners
  • Legendary - Face the overwheming might of Null Sector

Legendary is indeed an extremely tough fight to tackle, but we've got a Legendary tips and strategy guide page that will help you pick the right team and beat the challenge.

Uprising strategy and tips

- Reinhardt can use his Charge to push the Detonators well away from the payload. Deal with Bastion first, then push these explosive creatures away from the payload.

- An alternative method for dealing with these annoying enemies is to simnply have Reinhardt shield up. Positioned correctly, this should absorb the entirety of the blast damage, and leave Reinhardt in position to continue assisting his team!

- When Tracer blinks behind the enemies with shields, she should aim for the glowing orange spot on their backs, as this disables the shield and allows the rest of the team to help out.

- Try and Draw the first Orisa out of the final section of the map and deal with her individually, before moving in to deal with the other one to the left. Once they're down, you can focus on the remaining two.

- If it looks like you're going to die, try and start moving away from the insanity, as this will make a lot easier for a teammate to come and revive you.

- While repairing the payload, if you're close to the finish but three of your friends are dead hide. If you can't take on the attacking forces solo, you might as well try to prevent a wipe.

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    Or he can just shield the explosion. Much easier method.
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